MANIFESTO # 2019..“Things. The world.” Gerald Thomas at 65 !

@ Gerald Thomas – work in progress.


“Tetanus, Daedalus, Pluribus”  – the ones who’ve lost their wings?

Nietzsche didn’t get anywhere by “adoring” people. In fact, quite the opposite. His “blossoming” – shall we say – began as soon as he started rejecting or killing the image of his master, Richard Wagner.

Wagner was a screamer.

Nietzsche needed to be a double “creamer”.

I could go around citing and quoting all those I admire,

the artists I admire, the philosophers and thinkers I admire. But where would it lead? Not to any G-spot of intellectual stimulation. That’s for certain. These icons were the forerunners of my cause, they ran all the way to the summit of all mountaintops but to go on grinding their names is useless.

Che Guevara left Castro and Cienfuegos as soon as the Cuban Revolution had synthesized simply because he KNEW it was going to become a status quo. By why Che?

KNEW was also New York’s very best progressive rock radio station. It was also the station through which I learned of the assassination of John Lennon. Scot Muni came on the air at 10:30pm and announced it. I pulled up in front of the Gramercy Park Hotel and felt a shock (similar only to the one I would feel on the morning of 9/11).

Oh, yes: I was born in one of the rooms at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Did I scream? I don’t remember.

Did I scream when the towers were hit and then collapsed?

I don’t think so. Most screams are silent.

Now, screaming of all kinds has become the status quo.

Warhol had predicted that.

But, then again, Freud had predicted so much more.

Not to mention …Goethe. Or Hegel. Or… Kant.

Or Shakespeare.

 Well, Moses and Aaron and Jesus and…yes!

 Cacá Diegues had foreseen all this: “Careful with these patrulhas ideologicas”. Caetano Veloso was even more of a clairvoyant (or was he just being post- Lacanian in  “É Proibido Proibir” (Il est interdit d’interdire”) in this  French Revolution of, say , its 1968 edition). Yeah.

There’s no “cairevoyency” in philosophy. There’s no palm reading in philosophy. But there is CANNIBALISM. And there is “Oswaldism” and his “antropophagic idea”. DEVOUR EVERYTHINHG WHILE YOU CAN !

 I cannot stress enough how ISOLATED and how DESOLATE it feels !


Yes, I mean, the digestion. It’s complex. After “devouring” everything.

What does?

 Everything. The world. Comprehension….the lack of comprehension…. Of life…. Of life and death, this crazy cycle….and….LOVE.

We INSULT everyone. And why?

Because it seems as though we don’t care. But we do care. But – in a war – we have to make it look as if we don’t. So we scream, we punch, we kick and we do that precisely AGAINST those whom we love or seem to have loved.

I know. It makes no sense. But just like any modernist movement itself, we need to annihilate the past or anything in our paths. So our motto – our war anthem, our bravado and our target becomes the object of our love. But this is NOT what we feel. This is not HOW we are able to feel.


Yes, and that means (in principle) that any ideology is, by nature, unfaithful. It wants to fuck your lovers, wants to caress your family, to rob you of your feelings. It’s  sentimental treason. It’s theft.

Of course, the one who writes and feels all this anguish could simply vanish.

Vanish like a lost Beckettian character and simply apply some kind of “survival” mode to his existence and….


  • I have a question: Is this perhaps why people build families ? have children and so on?

Yes, they want to be surrounded by a team which roots for them.

“it has never been so bad”, she says to me.

“it? It what?”

 “Things. The world.”

 Really? Do people realize that we live in a period of (relative) PEACE ? Yes, no WORLD WARS in 74 years? SEVENTY FOUR YEARS and no world engagement in a worldwide war conflict. Regional conflicts? Yes! But…

-Do you have electricity?

-Running water?

-Do you go out at night?

 People’s assessment of the world is as shallow as the cartilage in their noses are thin.

 Nietzsche didn’t get anywhere by “adoring” people. In fact, quite the opposite. His “blossoming” – shall we say – began as soon as he started rejecting or killing the image of his master, Richard Wagner. Nobody wants….to be a number where “abode lost bodies roam each searching for its lost one”, this unnamable short story by Beckett which is stunningly true.

But life, its bitterness, disappointments, broken promises and failed ideologies and this horrible FIGHT against time, the laughter of the crowds while you rot, the rooting of the crowds white you get shot, slowly, slowly brings you to a “hater”.

Yes, a “hater” or an “isolator” just like as in Gregor Samsa in Kafka’s bug story, reminding you minute by minute that you are, as you’ve  always been: ALONE.

Gerald Thomas

NYC – July 11, 2019

Bahamas June 2019




—-work in progress – @GERALD THOMAS NYC – JUKY 11, 2019——–

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