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R.I.P. Ricardo Boechat (my friend, my editor! ) (gone!)

Ricardo Boechat: Brazil news anchor dies in helicopter crash

Ricardo BoechatImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionRicardo Boechat was described as “a journalist’s journalist”

Ricardo Boechat, one of Brazil’s best-known journalists, has been killed in a helicopter crash in São Paulo.

The aircraft carrying the 66-year-old news anchor hit a lorry on a ring road on Monday morning. The pilot is also thought to have died.

Tributes have been paid to Boechat, who was an award-winning radio and TV broadcaster with Bandeirantes, or Band.

Breaking the news live on TV, a colleague said it was “a very sad moment for Brazilian journalism”.

Boechat had finished recording the popular morning radio show Café com Jornal just hours before the incident.

He was travelling from Campinas, near São Paulo, when the helicopter came down on the motorway at 12:14 local time (14:14 GMT).

The driver of the lorry was rescued by paramedics.

Writing on social media, fellow journalists described Boechat as “a journalist’s journalist”, praising his down-to-earth approach and “impactful” reporting.

From my Instagram account

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“GASTROINTESTINAL PRAYER” – a fragment from my next play.


Diogenes was BLOODBATH !

Diogenes was BLOODBATH !


A FUCKING BLOODBATH!  Yes,  I must hold on to this image for some time, some time, it has to last some time, as long as the prose lasted. How long did prose last?


YOU DONT know ! you

The ship shipwrecked, it didnt earthwreck nor did it sandwreck. The sunken. The Titanic lasted. Did it? It is a tragedy that did not become an opera, did not become a play. But a beautiful opera, no doubt. A tragedy in two acts: the journey and the disaster in the first and the rape in the second,  in the second act. Imagine that!!! The soprano, arms outstretched, with her back to the audience, a linear murmur at the highest point of her voice, small moist gestures, choir and actors floating their presence in small concentric circles, and the ship / lying / giant / monster / animal, violated by the nautical curiosity of the master and his orchestra. I held that image. It lasted for some time. Then he lost all lyrical meaning and became a metaphor.

DIOGENES WAS A BLOODBATH ! but I wasnt affected.

I’m still young. I know it and at the beginning of a beautiful twilight. That, for example, they tell me. I have had several steps behind me. This, for example, they speculate on.  Attracting to the present, present from other times, true catalogs even, immense entries until..In this, for example, few people will believe in.  Its NOT that I do not understand those who do not believe. NO. Not that I do not understand what they want to tell me, even though I know it will pass, it has to pass, first they, then me. This is the logical sequence. This is the logic: some say to, others say to few, still others, define what some say to others.

It’s NOT that I do not understand. You see? I dont understand some of the words Ive just spoken because. Well, they seem as if regurgitated by them, these poor stuffed souls. And I must have heard them from Jules Verne.

I dont know. I get lost. Hours and hours at the morgue cutting and slicing and weighing and bleeding out. No, its not that I dont understand death.

I do. I stare it in the eye every day, hour, minute. Just like Verne, just like Diogenes.

But Im a copywriter. I mean, a ghost writer. A gheist wroughter. A Carbon copy of what I used to be !

Now that bloodbath: a little bit of a shipwreck, but only that, just that, no more.  Although this time around,  quite different, something more  crumpled. Not that the bloodbath is not crumpled. Not that all the other inconsequential images are not crumpled. They are. Theyre crumpled. But the latter is still not an image in itself, only a texture, and quite valid at that. A few days ago, just before sleep. No, not getting into the sleep thing. Not here. Dinner served, excellent wine. Rude ! This seems to have texture and nothing else, not another image.

She . (I said she, didnt I? ) Im SO IN LOVE WITH HER !!!! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER And yet..she went out of the door, never looked back and it was over.  SHE did not tell me to be a clarity ideas any ideas or to  clarity  nighttime. One can, in principle clarify the meaning of nighttime without having an effect or an incidence of light on the night.    But what does it matter? I loved her. Shes gone.  Not that I did not pay attention to this clarity. Not that I did not pay any attention to that damned clarity that makes me see with even more clarity that I still can not sleep peacefully, and that no one still knows anything, and has not even come close to anything and that the rest is all but pettiness, are just pass times,  hobbies, mere embroidery. From the simplest tapestries to the most complicated thesis. Embroidery. Some interesting patterns, some motifs not totally uncreative, but embroidery all the same. And where’s the laugh? The laugh, huh? Where is the laughter of a Shakespeare, for example, or of an Aristotle, for example, or of a Joyce? 

I’ve had my loud laughs. I did. They heard them.

Not that I do not laugh for real. It was real. Not that I do not die of laughing at times when I could not sleep without the meds and without stuffing myself.


BUT WOULD IT HELP ? the poison….to poison, I mean….

The old, the poor, the drunk, the drugged, the crazy, the political fans, the extremists, the goddamn radicals…. WOULD IT HELP ?


Would it help them, the old, the poor, the drunk, the drugged, the crazy, the political fans, the extremists, the goddamn radicals…. WOULD IT HELP them overcome their ailments if I died?

Gerald Thomas @ New York – Copenhagen 2018 /2019

Scene from my play “GARGOLIOS” 2011 / 2012 with my London Dry Opera Company




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Words of wisdom, emotional support and so much more from a friend (@Prob21) on Instagram: Thank YOU Paulo Guimarães !

Paulo Guimarães

A tiny fraction of our long long Direct Messages on Instagram – They’re beyond wonderful

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Comentários assim nos mantém vivos. Eu sou profundamente agradecido!

Comentário de Fabio Ferreira em um dos meus posts no Instagram

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Selfie and freedom

I have my freedom.

But I wonder if my freedom is also my biggest fear.

I know it to be my biggest prison and … No!

Not really.

I’m not just lonely.

That’s the term and the price to pay for….

My freedom.

I have always pioneered being alone in my quests.

How can I now be moaning and tearing up ?


I’m not just at the end of a long journey.

I am tired.

I’m desperate.

I’m desperate.

I’m desperate.

It doesn’t matter what I used to.

It doesn’t matter what I used to be.

It doesn’t matter what I used to do.

It doesn’t matter what I used to feel.

It doesn’t matter what I used to achieve.

 None of that is a reality in 2019.

 Now it’s capital CAPITAL letters and they spell: DESPERATION.

 But nobody – not a single soul – will ever believe me.

 They all think it’s yet another act.


And (who knows) it might be?

 I own my freedom.

And since my freedom has me, we will disappear into the beyond and just stop THIS CLOCK. STOP THIS TIME !



Gerald Thomas

NYC February 7, 2019







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Lisa Giobbi presents her new choreography: “DeThroWned”

Poster (drawing on corrugated cardboard) by Gerald Thomas (2019)

DeThroWned at:

The Muse, Brooklyn residency performances of:
Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre’s


Four women. Four periods in history. All different stories- all the same story. 
Marie Antoinette (Queen)
Anne Hutchinson (Puritan spiritual adviser)
Veronica Franco (Venetian courtisan)
Augustine (Charcot’s muse and patient)

DeThroWned is an intimate look at the challenges faced by independent, empowered and disenfranchised women who, once expressed, are murdered, exiled, and abused by a society and its disregard for their contributions.

A queen, a Puritan woman, a patient, and an exiled courtesan meet in this theatrical depiction of contradictions that cross cultural, economic and social lines.

Murder, trials, exile and objectification are seen through the lens of women’s stories throughout time…

Choreographer/Director- Lisa Giobbi
Associate choreographer- Julia Wilkins
Writer- Catherine Cabeen

Performers- Lisa Giobbi, Julia Wilkins, Catherine Cabeen, Quinn Dixon, Marissa Maislen, Billy Higgins, Tara Lynch

Aerial Flight Operators: Yoni Kallai, Bennie Oyzone, Cere Coichetti and Jared Shanks

Lighting design- Donalee Katz
Sound designer- Lindsay Jones
Costumes- Mondo Morales

The Muse, Brooklyn
350 Moffat street, Brooklyn, NY 11237

March 1, 2, 3
7pm doors
7:30 curtain
Tickets: pre-sale $25
Door price- $30

Special thanks to:
Gerald Thomas (poster)
Paul Guilfoyle
The Muse, Brooklyn

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