Lisa Giobbi presents her new choreography: “DeThroWned”

Poster (drawing on corrugated cardboard) by Gerald Thomas (2019)

DeThroWned at:

The Muse, Brooklyn residency performances of:
Lisa Giobbi Movement Theatre’s


Four women. Four periods in history. All different stories- all the same story. 
Marie Antoinette (Queen)
Anne Hutchinson (Puritan spiritual adviser)
Veronica Franco (Venetian courtisan)
Augustine (Charcot’s muse and patient)

DeThroWned is an intimate look at the challenges faced by independent, empowered and disenfranchised women who, once expressed, are murdered, exiled, and abused by a society and its disregard for their contributions.

A queen, a Puritan woman, a patient, and an exiled courtesan meet in this theatrical depiction of contradictions that cross cultural, economic and social lines.

Murder, trials, exile and objectification are seen through the lens of women’s stories throughout time…

Choreographer/Director- Lisa Giobbi
Associate choreographer- Julia Wilkins
Writer- Catherine Cabeen

Performers- Lisa Giobbi, Julia Wilkins, Catherine Cabeen, Quinn Dixon, Marissa Maislen, Billy Higgins, Tara Lynch

Aerial Flight Operators: Yoni Kallai, Bennie Oyzone, Cere Coichetti and Jared Shanks

Lighting design- Donalee Katz
Sound designer- Lindsay Jones
Costumes- Mondo Morales

The Muse, Brooklyn
350 Moffat street, Brooklyn, NY 11237

March 1, 2, 3
7pm doors
7:30 curtain
Tickets: pre-sale $25
Door price- $30

Special thanks to:
Gerald Thomas (poster)
Paul Guilfoyle
The Muse, Brooklyn

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