Philip Glass at the Kennedy Center Honors – airs December 26th on CBS

Philip Glass having dinner with me at some Italian restaurant in mid 2012

On receiving the Kennedy Center Honors:

“I have three things to say.

The first: the arts are the face of America. When you leave this country, you discover that the rest of the world sees America through the arts that come from America—the tremendous amount of music and theater and dance that we just are exporting constantly.

The second: in a very short period of time, the Kennedy Center has become a central place for artists in this country. You could say almost that the altar of the arts is here now. And it’s a perfect place for us to come and to be. I grew up in Baltimore, so it was one of the first places I came to.

And the third thing I wanted to say is that the Honorees this year are amazingly wonderful artists. They’re brilliant, they’re individual, and they’re extremely generous with their genius, which I believe is what it really is. To be invited to be a part of this party is a great honor, but it’s also very humbling.” Philip Glass

Philip Glass and I in 1989 collaborating on our project together – the opera “MattoGrosso”

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