Scraps and more scraps…..

Am surrounded by slaughterers know nothing saw zero think abyss and blinded always ever more blinded and BOOM – yet another BOMB going off because, well because that’s what they do and why – he asks “Dad, why do they bomb people and…” “ say no more child, say no more” – as father was answering that wise question a mother BOMB flew in thru the ceiling and stopped THAT conversation and son and father GONE to yet another one of those – oh never mind. They know nothing, they forget everything, they search for stupidity, they draw their weapons because – HELL NO !!! –  it is a MIRROR that frightens them and YIKES ! what did I just see? Am surrounded by slaughterers know nothing saw zero and black milk, no longer only black German milk the hollow caustic milk but the always milk from the always man, the everyday SUPPORTER, the STUPID BLIND MOUSE – do you hear me? And if you do, knock three times or simply whisper and say…..” Why do they slaughter animals, Dad? Why do we need to eat that rotten meat and pretend we’re liking it Dad?”

Upon request or by desire DAD slaps son and son cries out loud “I simply asked a question, Dad”. There was a brief silence in the room but not for long not for long because, well because, there are those – in the basement, who know even less than these you’re describing here AND THAT’S A PRIVILEGE YOU KNOW? A PRIVILEGE !!!! TRY TO LIVE A ROUGH LIFE ON THE EDGES OF ROMANCE ! COME ON….YOU TRY !

I am blinded by the sound of slaughter and the sound of shredders when in fact there’s NOTHING to be shredded. Not yet. Nothing has been even written yet. These are the very first few embryonic stages of where someone might simply say: I will THINK all of this which I find on this page.

Gerald Thomas Oct 2018 NYC

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