Anthony Bourdain, who celebrated life, is dead. And I’m devastated: Suicide.


ANTHONY BOURDAIN, The HERO OF HUMAN CURIOSITY HAS TAKEN HIS OWN LIFE. He celebrated life (just like Robin Williams did), passed away today, June 8.

I am so so sad. So Baffling! What happened? We still have no idea what happened. William Oliveira sent me an email early this morning: “GERALD !!!! WHAT ?”

I couldn’t believe it because I was watching CNN and…. it was New Day…and…. We do what everyone does. We call all our friends and check on them and, slowly, little by little, all the news organizations start calling in this tragedy: Anthony Bourdain, Extraordinary Chef and TV Host of Parts Unknown, is Dead at age 61.

How does this happen and WHY does it affect us all so so deeply ?

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve had as dining companions over the years everybody from Hezbollah supporters, communist functionaries, anti-Putin activists, cowboys, stoners, Christian militia leaders, feminists, Palestinians and Israeli settlers, to Ted Nugent,” Bourdain once explained.

So terrible.

Gerald Thomas




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