“MY PRESIDENT IS A WORK OF SHITHOLE FICTION”, in its original English version for Poder360




It was Friday January 26th early morning and I could already feel the tremors and, mind you, I’m eight mountains away. Yes. Trump was expected to arrive at Davos by Friday morning.

I live, at least for half of the year, in the Swiss Alps. Wengen (Canton Bern), to be precise. The reason why I left New York is summarized by one name, Donald Trump.

It seems like the majority, at least the better half, of New Yorkers would do the same if they could. Pack their bags and sail of for a “New Old World”. And yet it seems as if the media can’t get enough of this so called “man”.

“Fake Media”, that is. Right! In a way, they all play right into his hands and into his ridiculous tweets. Fueling a fire that for years had seemed to die down in the United States.

I don’t.

As time goes by it seems as Mr.Trump’s lies are only increasing, reaching peaks that weren’t even seen during his campaign. Wow, This creep has been in office for over a year now. A year on and counting ! It really makes you wonder about the “theories of the unbeknownst”…

Wasn’t it just great in the days of Shakespeare when a character, say, Prospero, would enter territories unbeknownst to his audience – say…Milan or Cartagena – and deliver enormous soliloquies and get away with it? It was great. Or Goethe when placing his Faust at the verge of a calamitous gate of a non existing city or even Kafka who transformed a human into a bug?

“Those were all works of Fiction !!!!” you’ll say. Fiction is fiction and those writers have always existed and Hieronymus Bosch painted all of Dante’s “Inferno” and did not have to burn in hell because of it.

“So what Gerald? How is this even remotely connected to Trump?” So! My president is a work of fiction. But that’s not all. Not only does he believe – does he? – in the melting clocks by Dali – he also accuses all that is in diverse or in opposition to him as being [a] “shithole” or “FAKE” ! Just like Orson Welles did in “F For Fake” decades ago in that brilliant movie about forgerers.

But if you’re awake and reading this, remember that we live in a culture of digital now-ness, twitter-surfing, trivia bingeing — which has become a culture of not-knowing history. Yes, I am acutely aware of social media. As is our shithole president i’m afraid.

“Well Gerald…that’s just human nature !!!!”

“What is ?”

“Degrading others!” you’ll respond. It has always been like this. “At least he speaks his mind, he owns his thoughts”.

Is that a valid point? I mean, opening this constant can of worms – his mouth that is, is that a valid point? And who gains from it?

As a playwright and theater director I can’t be writing about Donald Trump. I shouldn’t…I utterly refuse !!!!

Yet somehow, here I am.

Everyone has pointing in strangely venomous directions. I blame society. Defamation has become the norm, enabling a man as disgusting as Donald J. Trump to rise up as the “Leader of the Free World”. A reality in which social media, knives and screams dictate our rhythm – what used to be a preliminary assessment is now a FINAL judgment before a trial has even taken place!!!

(“The Marshall Plan of misinformation”)

I remember simpler times, before this pool of hate inspiring media took over in which a person could be described as so much more than black or white. Good or evil. To rocker Chrissie Hynde – from the Pretenders – I was nothing more than a disgusting meat eater, “a predator, devourer of the species”, nothing less than a “murderer”. (Oh yes, this all happened moments before we were bound for bed. She smelled the meat on my breath. She stood by her vegetarian / vegan principles. Her loss…)

I also remember when, to some, Jimi Hendrix was simply a fucking junkie. Not a genius who revolutionized everything but a junkie. Yes, I heard this argument from the mouth of a dying country rock star in Nashville, TN in the mid 1990’s.

See? It all depends on how you are portrayed and how you portray others in this ‘War-hole’ age of “selfies portrayal” of others. “Branding”, “marketing”, taking ALL of your values and blending them and coming out with ONE is so damn difficult. But this is how it is in the post-modern life. I mean, I was born with the holocaust in my head. There is no ‘post’ anything, except “post WAR”. I was always made to believe in fleeing, in escaping from conflict. “Run, kiddo!” my parents used to scream! “RUN!”. This was the norm.

Whenever I see myself portrayed in some cultural news story wrongly: am I a victim of Fake News? No. Not really. I guess I’m simply reflecting what I appear to be to that particular news editorial outlook. I used to be paranoid. My president still is. Yes, he’s a prepubescent child.

I was completely moved by Michael Smerconish’s assessment’s of Trump’s first year in office as a movie script of horror fiction. Donald “Prospero” Trump is, in fact, a HORROR STORY.

We’re in our infancy. Social Media, the iPhone and all this CRAP. Trump did what he did. He has, no doubt, awaken the DEVIL. They all said the same about Karl Rove, decades ago. Someone always discovers a dormant devil somewhere.

But what is the source of Trump’s hate? Does success make you bitter? Does it? Well, maybe. Is this the case with Trump?”People who come here from all kinds of SHITHOLES”

I know, on a small scale how it [success] has affected me. And maybe that is the case with Donald Trump.

You can kill a mocking bird but you can’t kill a mocking president because, well, it’s illegal. But you can tase him, you can tease him and freeze him. Or, to put it bluntly, you could send him up to the 257th floor (1 kilometer high) of that tower in Saudi Arabia and tell him to fuck off together with his good friends of the Bin Laden family. You can do “all things Oprah”, you can do outrageous things but you don’t because in today’s ‘information overload’ – as we used to call it in the 1990’s – the entire meaning of meaning has just become blunt, a stunt or simply nothing. “The immaterial has become immaterial.”

Shakespeare wrote the ultimate treaty and it’s called The Tempest and the final word here belongs to Prospero, the man of the future, back then, in Shakespeare’s time, based on Italian Renaissance intelectual Leonardo da Vinci. Yes, isolated on a small island, the former Duke of Milan can and will make all kinds of devilish plans, but only once he has allied himself with a witch, Sycorax.

Imagine Trump! Trump making a pact, a deal with a witch! “A WALL, 1 kilometer tall, like that Bin Laden building in Jeddah !!!”

Yes, the WALL !!!

Maybe, just maybe, history has it backwards and somehow Donald fucking Trump mixed up Shakespeare with Aldous Huxley and what came out was something of the tune of “The Brave New World of the Former Duke of Milan”.

No such luck, however. Trump’s attention span would not allow him to read, let alone Huxley !
Walls, Orwells, Dukes and God knows what ?

Coming from a generation which tore down walls, as I do – such as the Berlin Wall (and I had family on either side of it, West and East), the idea of a “Donald Prospero” is kind of too much of a “Trinculo and Caliban mix”, a smell of rotting fish, but easy enough to fathom.

Gerald Thomas

Wengen, CH – Jan 24, 2018

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