What we DON’T hear or read about the North Korea conflict:


What I read in most of the Western newspapers and view on almost all western TV News outlets is that ALL former presidents were a FAILURE regarding their dealings with the North Korean issues and those lunatic Ian Fleming  inspired enemies of James Bond, i.e. “that family” of lunatics and / or dictators who maintain their own population at starvation level and keep the worst concentration camps in HISTORY – for, what they believe, may be traitors.  

The current TWIT, Kim Jong Un, has just taken it a step further than his dad. HOWEVER, it isn’t STRANGE to notice that – as I write, on this August 11, 2017 – we seem to be on the BRINK of an imminent nuclear crisis with NK ? And who is the president in the WH???? !!!!  Donald Trump, no other !!!! Doesn’t it make you WONDER ???? Doesn’t make you wonder about duality, dualism and dialectics ? And cock fights ? Doesn’t it ?

So, why aren’t the New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, the BBC and so on, addressing THIS issue? Instead of having those endless panels debating that Obama, Bush and Clinton ALL were a ‘failure’? Of course! The threat level has NEVER come this close and Kim Jong Un has never been so enraged!

Food for thought, no? A war of words? Of Egos or …a war of hairdos or possibly even two dudes with tiny dicks having to take it out on HUGE MISSILES ! So damn PATHETIC. Trump, why don’t you invite your meme to a gay bar and make out with him? We’d all be spared a nuclear WAR, damn it.

We may all just disappear because of TWO LUNATICS.

Gerald Thomas

August 11, 2017 NYC


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