GUSTON – a bridge – and – Damien.

Philip Guston, my favorite painter EVER at the Accademia in Venice!!

I’m so moved and you were so right ! I did look the other way and found Guston, right across the Canal, right across from Damien Hirst, one tiny rather wide bridge away and decades apart! The most complete exhibit I’ve ever seen ! I was getting too heavily involved and in love with Hirst’s WRECK.

I’m too emotional right now. Still am, a week later.

I’m simply overcome with tears, a sense of suffocation to be reasonable (am I ever?) to sit here at the Rialto Hotel… a day too far as in a bridge too far to try and describe to you what it is like to go through the MAGNIFICENCE of the Damien Hirst exhibit of the WRECK, of the act of rescuing imaginary LIONS and imaginary “Venices” and monsters from Phoenix (Fenice = Venezia), the ever drowning, sinking, moving like a boat, nauseating like a Mickey mouse and grand and grandiose just like a monotheist and and and a Wagnerian opera! ACROSS the wooden bridge from the Palazzo  Grassi,  at the Academia, sits the MOST complete and MOVING exhibit ever of Philip Guston’s work: “Guston and the POETS”

Guston yes. The one who crossed the bridges between the abstract (expressionists) to the figvurativists all the way to the cartoon.

Yes, him: a GOD!

More – I promise, when tears are dry.

Gerald Thomas

Venice, July 9, 2017

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