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“Sketching and itching” – Dilúvio (Deluge) : poster ideas – and the SUN !

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Susan Sontag is forever. Who on earth will remember Kakutani, but a few?

The New York Times Literary critic is stepping down after 38 years. Wow. Great. There will be another one on Monday. Will she be remembered? I doubt it. But Susan Sontag will. For ever !

Gerald Thomas


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“Volúpia e Sensibilidade”(escritos sobre obras de arte): O ótimo livro de Jardel Dias Cavalcanti

Reproduzo aqui um pequeno trecho a meu respeito. Somente a primeira página.

O livro inclui Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Delacroix, Picasso, Duchamp, Genet, Hélio Oiticica e Tristão e Isolda de Wagner via Nietzsche e, entre outras coisas, a Vanguarda e a Ditadura Militar. Maravilha !

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Why marriage can be extremely BORING (and, the other way around).

Morgana Muses and partner

Why marriage can become boring and its opposite: Morgana Muses!

Sadomasochism can seem like an aggressive concept, some insist that the BDSM community revolves around care, trust and inclusivity, which were all elements that had been missing from her previous life. “I just fall into this magical space and disappear. Someone asked me recently, have I found my boundaries? I said no, I’m still searching.”, says a porn star of BDSM movies who just turned 52.

Morgana Muses had been trapped in an unhappy marriage, suffering depression and psychotic breaks after both her pregnancies, and “dealing with being a mother while having a mental illness that no one will acknowledge”. Upon getting divorced, she realized society expected her to discreetly fade to black.

A turquoise-haired woman takes the stage at Berlin’s Porn Film Festival in stiletto boots and an evening dress split high up the thigh. The snigger from a couple in the audience is barely audible, but then, the woman is attuned to it. She stiffens for a second, and takes the microphone. “You can laugh if you like,” she says, “but darling, I was a young, gorgeous creature once – and you’re going to be my age one day.”


I see myself as an ordinary woman who has had extraordinary experiences.”, she says. You know? Despite this extraordinary life I’ve lead so far – making it to 63 – I also feel trapped by the boundaries of…. (sometimes) conventions which simply don’t fit me anymore (never have, in fact!). Jealousy, for instance. Just don’t get it ! And having to justify myself all the time.  I mean, I don’t have to ! But still, I follow some old, defunct patterns. Why? I wonder. I really wonder WHY !???!!!!

Morgana Muses: I envy you. Congrats

Gerald Thomas



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A Serious conversation between father and daughter :) Conversa séria entre pai e filha.

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Being Donald J Trump !!!!

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MANIFESTO # 3 – 2017

MANIFESTO # 3 – 2017

LOW # 4

Just as in times past, I find myself in a low low low. I mean, low. Inexplicable LOW. Yes, it’s beyond depression.

It’s the FULL COMPREHENSION of life. The entire thing: in fact, it’s LIGHT. “The light”.

It’s the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

What am I saying?

I like walking amidst ruins. I mean, Venice. I mean, Jerusalem or Petra. I love dusty old Arab or semi-Arab lands or partially destroyed scenarios. Always liked paintings like (as, for instance) Max Ernst’s “Europe After the Rain” and dilapidated, rusty, dying, skeletons of ships, buildings, cadavers of cities. Anything and everything that would give me an indication that “we’ve been here before”.



We’re expandable, elastic, far too adaptable: perishable, and that’s terrible. “What else is new?” you might say. True. What else is new. But, sometimes, when you’re both Hamm and Nagg, this realization happens to defy the very purpose of living. Yes, not great philosophy, I know. More like Woody Allen’s dilemma, I know.

But I like being exposed to ruins. The Old Greek Theater in Taormina where we performed M.O.R.T.E. (very appropriate) in 1990. And where my then wife – Silvia Pasello – had a miscarriage.

I love this modern age I live in because…..because? Well because ‘things’ are so badly built that they show signs of the fragility of extinction from the outset and their ephemeral state exist as a precondition that “life ain’t going be around much longer”.

Things aren’t going be around much longer.

This is the philosophy of the COLD WAR.

My era: the COLD WAR.

I was fortunate enough not to have witnessed a WORLD WAR.

But I grew up hearing HORROR stories about the HOLOCAUST since I lost a great part of my family in concentration camps. “They’ll come for you tomorrow. They’ll come through the garden, point the finger UP your nose and will turn AGAINST YOU

I heard that all my life. For the remainder of my life what I’ve witnessed is all COLD WAR stuff and stupid competitiveness from either the right or the left about WHO DETAINS THE TRUTH.

I’m so goddamn tired of all this !



So many atrocities!

I sit here on this July 21st, 2017 more fearful than ever, more depressed than ever, knowing that I have achieved a “place” in history. What place? Don’t know. It may be small. It may be low.

I’m sure it will never compare to, say, a rock band. My work will never reach the outer bounds of, say, my mentor Samuel Beckett or James  Joyce. I know that. But then, what do I know?

And yet, just as in times past, I find myself in a low low low. I mean, low. Inexplicable LOW. Yes, it’s beyond depression.

It’s the FULL COMPREHENSION of life. The entire thing: in fact, it’s LIGHT. “The light”.

It’s time to GO. Clearly, it’s time to GO ! The daily chores are simply TOO MUCH to take. The daily routine is a horrible thing. A simple headache becomes unbearable. One observes one’s skin age and droop. One ‘anima’ lose to the impact of the world. And the ‘daily news’ ? they become a daily BLOW to what’s left of one’s reasoning.

Yes, one’s reasoning. The little that’s left.


Gerald Thomas




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