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Com voces, Leandro Karnal !

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Mileny, my daughter (feeling better: thank GOD!)

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Vivalda Dula sings in DC on May 25. NOT TO BE MISSED !!!

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May 23, 2017 · 5:43 pm

NEW and unimaginable directions and MY ENORMOUS GRATITUDE !!!! DELUGE !

Since last November (2016) my life has taken on new and unimaginable directions! My memoirs or autobiography (as I like to call it) was launched here and in Brazil under the title “Between Two Lines” and “Entre Duas Fileiras”. This last winter in the Alps was extraordinarily hard – as it always seems to be and yet, necessary. It took me once again by surprise when I saw myself alone in the dark talking to myself and my shelves to those snow covered mountains and my heart pumping and sinking slowly into the abyss till almost no more. Then came January 23 and the program “Roda Viva” (recorded while I was still in Brazil) was finally aired. Jan 23 is that damn awful date when my suicide (so mentioned during that program) completes another year and another year. That happened to be the 2nd year of my “rebirth”.

However, “DELUGE, The SmartPhone Arc” (the title only makes sense in Portuguese) rolled off the paper and onto ‘reality’ and on April 17th this year I found myself embarking o for São Paulo again to meet with the most extraordinary group of people which, with the help of Caetano Vilela, I had managed to form, remotely.

DELUGE was about to become REAL.

Ah, yes! Maria de Lima my all time (…..) happened to be in Brazil – chance ! Total chance! AND we reconnected as well as I reconnected with Fabiana Gugli (for whom I’m writing another solo… yes, jaws drop ! I can hear it J

I’m about to publish my first novel “The Lost Case of a Brief Case” and, on November 9, 2017, simultaneous with the opening of this MEGA project, Deluge, there will be yet another BOOK (the book of all books), the BOOK containing ALL MY PLAYS, published by SESC Publishing House (OOUFFF!) including “ARTiculosis” (which did have a brief reading by me, Maria de Lima and Fabiana  at Casa do….Casa do … The House of Disaster and Disrespect.  

BUT, since all of this has happened I have started learning one brand new NEW thing. I AM NOW Listening. I am hearing. I am.

There is a NEW LOVE, a new passion for H.M. (Her Majesty)!!!

And so, my eternal thanks to all involved. The list is enormous

and can be seen / visualized in the screenshot below of my Facebook post.

But my special thanks to DANILO SANTOS DE MIRANDA.



NYC MAY 12, 2017



Desde Novembro de 2016 minha vida tomou um novo rumo (inimaginável !). A minha autobiografia “Entre Duas Fileiras” (Between Two Lines) foi lançada (pela Record, no BR). O inverno nos Alpes foi duro e doloroso (como sempre é) (mas necessário ! e me pegou de surpresa vendo o meu próprio “Roda Viva” num dia em especialmente triste  -23 de Janeiro- UFA que dia!). Foi gravado ainda em NOV quando eu estava de passagem pelo Brasil.

Mas o “DILÚVIO, a ARCA que não É” virou um projeto verdadeiro.

Embarquei pra Sampa em 17 de Abril daqui de NYC e encontrei com as pessoas mais FANTASTICAS. Criei uma nova companhia maravilhosa pra esse novo projeto. E, além dessas pessoas novas que conheci, ainda me reconectei com a Maria de Lima (que , por acaso, estava no BR) e a Fabi pra quem estou escrevendo um outro novo solo (pasmem!).

E estou publicando um romance “The Lost Case of a Brief Case” e… em Nov 9, 2017 – junto com a estreia do DILUVIO, sairá um MEGA livro pelas Edições SESC contendo TODAS as minhas peças (UFA!) incluindo o ARTIculose….. que teve uma BREVE leitura na Casa do …..Casa do ….. Comecei a ouvir…. Comecei a ouvir. Sim, eu comecei a ouvir !

E começou uma PAIXAO pela H.M. (Her Majesty) e…





May 12, 2017







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