I left that meeting in such a terrible state ! Hard to even begin to describe how upset I was. No, it’s nobody’s fault but mine. My work is NOT about wars. I have NEVER stated such a thing. I have never declared war on my work by saying or stating that it consisted of (merely and simply) of a theme with a purpose! And ESPECIALLY not with a silly  purpose such as to spin around like a pawn out of control around the same theme. No, never!

Well, listen to Mozart, if you will. Take a look at Picasso but DON’T look at Duchamp’s work. Why?

The “ARTist doesn’t necessarily repeat him / herself. Rather, but WE do MULTIPLY !!!

 Warhol made that clear and so specific.

My oeuvre (theater, painting, texts in general) are – just about – “a bunch of impressions, MY PERSONAL AND VERY PERSONAL impressions gathered along the years, from my childhood up till now and seen through this awkward prism which happens to be my brain. Or, as Beckett put it (brilliantly), “moans and groans from the cradle to the grave”.

And it is this… this “VERY PERSONAL impression” which makes me unique: UNIQUE! And if you don’t like it, fuck off. Perhaps this is why, geniuses such as Samuel Beckett and Philip Glass and countless others around the world have chosen to endorse me and perhaps this is why the French newspaper Liberation decided to devote 9 pages to explain in so many words “Les Theatres Stocastiques de Gerald Thomas” (http://geraldthomas.com/images/pdf/krysinski.pdf) or maybe this is why The New York Times gave me an entire front page of its Arts & Leisure in 1988 (http://geraldthomas.com/images/pdf/8810-nytimes.pdf) when I brought my Kafka Trilogy back to my beloved NYC (I was only 34 years old then: “oh time flies!”

And maybe this is why my work has spread and has been spread around 16 countries on this planet and – after 20 operas in Europe and God knows how many plays with Heavens knows how many theater companies around this world, I still have a VOICE and this VOICE SCREAMS ! Oh yes it does. It SCREAMS!!!! Maybe more than ever now.

And it screams on a scale that many of you have not wanted to hear (or have refused to do so) for decades. I don’t care. Haroldo de Campos did embrace me and (just like him, hundred of theses around the world, from scholars or just amateurs started to sprout and blossom…)

I have not come to entertain you, fuck it !!! However many of you laugh and keep on laughing and entertaining yourselves. I know it’s a nervous laughter of the ticklish and sexual kind.

DELUGE will follow its course. Those who will empathize, great. And for those who won’t… I sincerely hope you’ll DROWN.

Gerald Thomas

São Paulo, April 22, 2017



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