REFUGEES ! and / or PTSD # 2


Refugees or PTSD # 2

A few days ago I wrote about PTSD of FUCK me, FUCK YOU or any other four letters that can be so destructive and so misunderstood that, in the first and last instance, the amount of the damage can be devastating.

Yet, it is all to do with these inner wirings in our (mysterious brains and neurotransmitters ? Or….is it?)

But REFUGEES, well, that  is the ONE thing ( whether they are WAR refugees or refugees from their own making i.e. artists and so on), this is the number one article of my preoccupation and the subject which has shaped my life from day ZERO since this is in my DNA and from my early days at Amnesty International and so on…. Yes, “playing with peoples’ destinies” , “playing with peoples’ lives” is – to me – simply unfathomable.

Yes, simply unfathomable.

Well…. Of course ! Gregor Samsa in Kafka’s Metamorphosis was a classic case of PTSD ! Actually, the “ENTIRE Kafka”  was one big lump of PTSD. And the same can be said of the best and the very best of all ART. From Goya to – say – Beckett, from Bosch to, say… Bacon and from Artaud to all of them: it’s all dark. Dark. It’s all dark. All dark. All Munch all dark all Duchamp, all laughing all dark.

So ! Why worry? Shouldn’t I be happy to be surrounded by such honorable demons?

In the case of art and so on….yes, sure. Not a problem. “How are you doing tonight, Mr. Maniac? Having your usual attack ?”

But when this illness takes over the minds of handlers and historical 20th century assassins such as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Franco and hundreds of other delusional characters who will KILL in the name of a GOD or a prophet or some profit or some Assad, well, then there’s one only sentence left to say:

You are on your back in the dark when a voice comes to you and says: You’re on your back in the dark and you are your only COMPANY

(Samuel Beckett – paraphrasing Company)

Gerald Thomas

Feb 20, 2017





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