I SCREAM BECAUSE I CAN (or because I MUST). We are being fooled again !


We Are Being Fooled Again

When Abbey Hoffman was struck by Pete Townsend’s guitar at Woodstock in 1969 and the refrain “meet the new boss, same as the old boss, we won’t be fooled again” was sung by a chorus of half a million. Who on earth would’ve believed that – after two Obama administrations and so many liberties (I mean, so much freedom….), we would witness the ultimate “collapse” of everything?

By “everything” I mean EVERYTHING ! I mean all the values that entail  everything that made us triumph in our pride. Pride? Yes, the pride in what we consider MODERN. Modern pride.


It’s called the scream of despair. “Les Pair”.

I used to be an iconoclast. Yes, a proud post modernist. I used to use this brand like a hippie used to (fuck)….never mind. I am a hippie today so….where’s the confusion?

Iconoclasts lied. We lied deliberately. Iconoclasts destroyed. Iconoclasts destroyed deliberately. I was one. So, where’s the confusion. FUCK !

But we did it in the name of ART and we did it in the name of “CONTROLLED DEMOLITION”.

Well, all that changed on the 11th of September of 2001 when the World Trade Center fell. Years before that, French juggler and iconoclast, Philippe Petit “walked” across the two towers of the WTC on a tightrope. He was successful at it. But that was ART.

That walk, in a way, was a response to Pete Townsend.

Petit and Hoffman were friends. I’ll try to explain later. It’s a complicated analogy which includes Jerry Rubin, the Yuppie, the networker – the first “internetter” – decades before the existence of the internet – as was Petit, the tightrope walker, without a net.

Without a net.

We lied. We, the proud iconoclasts, lied.

Trump lies. All the president’s men lie. They all do. Always have. Nothing new there. But this is different.


But we demolished the sacred cows of art such as Shakespeare or….(you name it)…. Rembrandt. We deliberately broke into millions of pieces – pieces of masterpieces and reveled in the double edged saw of a jigsaw, puzzling it all while the Duchamps, the Rauschenbergs, the John Cages, the Buñuels and the Schönbergs of the world could only envy us because they hadn’t achieved what, say, the “Heiner Müller” generation had achieved. Now, how the hell does one explain a Heiner Müller generation to one who hasn’t lived it?

One doesn’t. One wants to forget it. I do.

Now the world is being fooled (again) as a whole because it is the ULTRA RIGHT politicians who have adopted what used to be a gimmick of ours and…Well, this rhetoric is now the new boss! “Meet the new boss”


Not the same as anything.

Trump chooses to lie left right and center and says whatever he wants. By doing so, he is actually demolishing the LITTLE BIT OF HUMANITY that we had left. Yes, we did. We did it in the name of art. And in the name of hoping to reconstruct (something)….

LE PEN in France is doing the same

That idiot in the UK, has managed already something similar with his BREXIT strategy. It’s all isola. Isolationist. It’s all a new form of imprisonment and ignorance.

What seems to be even more interesting is the “alternative fact”. WE used to be the alternative generation, i.e. alternative foods, medicines and so on. We used to be the resistance. Now, the FAKE NEWS seem to emerge from all the wrong corners and these names?

Hoffman derives from Hope-Man (German Hoffnung) The Abbey of Hope.

Farage? Seems French, no?

Le (The) Pen (as in Pencil ..) seems English, no?

May ? As in Maybe? Might ? Not the month but….

Boris seems like a Russian name and

Donald DRUMPF , well and rise and HEIL !!!!

It’s all part of a George Duhuit puzzle made to dizzy us up.

As in the two state solution. For the world, it used to be a thing between Israel and the Palestinians. For Trump, a Two State Solution, is a world split between the USA and the former USSR, intent in DROWNING (Street) Europe, suffocating NATO and any alliance which isn’t him and Putin, holding bareback hands.

When Abbey Hoffman was struck by Pete Townsend’s guitar at Woodstock in 1969 and the refrain “meet the new boss, same as the old boss, we won’t be fooled again” was sung by a chorus of half a million, he was followed by the news of a certain silence. His brain went dead.

And the rest is History.

History has a terrible ring to those who, like myself, know great parts of it (and have lived through it).

Gerald Thomas

February 9, 2017.

PS: on a reasonable note: Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, privately expressed dismay on Wednesday over Mr. Trump’s increasingly aggressive attacks on the judiciary, calling the president’s criticism of independent judges “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”




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