Parceria (partnership): Paulo Rocha and Gerald Thomas (Hamburg + New York)

This short YouTube compilation marks the beginning of a series which started as a joke between us and is slowly developing into something far more than that. Of course, we’re using smartphone technology since our entire relationship began through Instagram and Skype.

So, here’s what Paulo did: he compiled the “best moments” and made it into this clip. To be continued (in the best “tradition” {dare I say} of the Super 8s used by Warhol, Oiticica and even by myself back in the late 1960s. It’s typical of the Kenneth Anger, Abbey Hoffman era and NOT YET outdated. If anything, just like the DJs of the modern era, we will bring back the BEST OF THE BEST and, the WURST of the worst. 




December 22, 2016

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