Arthur Bispo do Rosário 1909 – 1989

Other than Marcel Duchamp, Rembrandt and Picasso (and maybe even Saul Steinberg and Philip Guston), Arthur Bispo do Rosário certainly sent shock waves to my brain and into my heart once I got to know his work (rather late in my life). Nowadays, looking back, I don’t think that there has been anyone “grander” and more comprehensive that Bispo. Diagnosed a schizophrenic and locked up in a mental institute and only recognized late in life by the curators of the Venice Bienale, Bispo was actually compared and equated with Duchamp.

In the mid 1990s I had the honor of visiting the hospital to which he had been confined for a great part of his life in the outskirts of Rio and from which some of the great artworks have originated. Here are a few of them:



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