An email from Hans Aschenbach – about the political race, disgrace and so on.


“Yes, I think that if on Sunday, Hillary is not able to provide real presidential composure (meaning controlling the aspects of debate to issues and not the extreme personality of DT for he is certainly not going to change tactics, just get desperately meaner) as well as fact, fact, fact, she may have a real problem on her hand. It looks more than close at the moment and we are in for a pain in the ass few weeks. I don’t put too much stock in the VP debate, and see no winner because everyone is a loser at the moment for what has become The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Morricone may be composing a new national anthem, one that football players will stand for but the Super Bowl may be played in Moscow Stadium with a Cossack choir instead of Lady Gaga. We will all have to attend via the Trans-Siberian Railroad which we will access over the Bering Strait riding crab boats lent to us by Sarah Palin from her Anchorage Bar and Breast Enlargement club. The only good thing is that we will all be carrying guns which we were able to purchase at Amazon, now owned by David Duke. It took a long time to get the various UZI’s in the mail because there are no longer any Mexicans working on the line. Facebook and Microsoft will go belly up because they will realize that they can’t make any articles without the Bangladesh group who can’t get into the country to get to work. However the bankruptcy court seems a good way out because now Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg no longer have to pay taxes for the rest of their lives because of their gillion dollar losses. Hillary has taken a job at Taco Bell, now known as “Food-court on the Wall” and situated between two cacti near the entrance gate which reads “Howdy, you are entering the United States of America……NOT!” with a smilie sign of course. If you are on the southern side you have to insert coins into a little vending machine for gas to get back to Juarez…Pesos not accepted. In 392 years the first installment payment  for the comfort outhouses along the border will be complete from the Mexican side. Please don’t say we won’t help our neighbors. Since Trump didn’t make it through his first term ( he quit, actually fired himself on television in a rerun of “The Apprentice Pres” to retire to his Dacha in the Ukraine overlooking the vast fields of Crimea and the “Trumpsky or better known as, трумскй Fun Park and Cosmetic Center) President Pence and Vice President Katrina Pierson have since eloped being the first mixed race team to run the white house which is now called the “Tan-House” which Republicans say is politically correct and not as embarrassing as DC Shack. Barack has moved to his Kenyan home where he and Michelle start up a Taxi company that caters to blacks only. Now that 82 % of all blacks in America have returned to their ancestral burying grounds, business is-a-boomin’ with the company belovedly known as “Obama-Car”. The other 18% of Afro-Americans who could not afford the trip on the oil barges moved to Canada to raise crops (of northern pine) and the some to Mexico (cost free mind you, no wall tariff) because congress passed the amendment that “they all look alike anyway”. Sheriff Joe drove them in his bus called “Yous a Ho” almost cost free. The few crossers-over had to buy him lunch at Hillary’s joint. Bill served.

Maybe I try to joke about this because it is so scary…..



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