BREXIT or LEAVE, yes: what a relief !!!


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CONGRATULATIONS UNITED KINGDOM ! You’ve gained your well deserved solitude. And everyone in the (universe) who fully understands what that means, can only say: HURRAY ! HURRAY! HURRAY!
With pride and honour, joy and sadness,
tears flowing, nausea and happiness

my answer to a friend is included in this post.

My answer to XX my dearest: yes, there will be a crisis (maybe), for a while. But the word itself –  while –  means just that. You may not remember – but I certainly do !!! – the immense power Britain had in the days when it was ‘allowed’ to have it, i.e. British Leyland and all the amazing cars and other vehicles it produced. Then came this fucking Common Market and whatever it was that Edward Heath – and his fake posh accent convinced “the Commons” to do and then came this FARCE called the EU came about and it just QUADRUPLED (by the day) UK’s foreign debt. Why?  Because of (@#$%%^**&**&^%%) GREECE, for F*******’s sake, and Portugal and all those unmanageable countries. Now, just put 2 + 2 together.

Once upon a time, there was British Rail, one of the MOST efficient railway services in the world and blah blah blah….. until one day, the UK sold, SOLD Heathrow airport’s management (a matter of National SECURITY) to the Spaniards……. How does this all sound? 🙂

Crazy? Yes, crazy. But there will be a smell, a scent of DIFFERENCE in the air. And that, in and of itself, is GREAT.

Gerald Thomas.

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