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(not so)Great Britain After BREXIT (Ryan Cutrona in my world premiere Beckett’s “ALL STRANGE AWAY” (utmost isolation) and the painting by Max Ernst) – Europe After the RAIN !


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I feel so moved / proud / free after seeing scenes like this one. Especially since it’s the London Police. Just Amazing. And what an example!


And encouragement – the FREE world goes forward.

Gerald Thomas

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Teaser of Autobiography (English and Portuguese) (ENTRE DUAS FILEIRAS)


Affinity with finitude.

I can’t help but feel this irritable bowel syndrome and laugh, laugh, laugh hoping that the echoes of my laughter might be heard by someone, anyone, next to me or far away who understands my pain and the pain of living, of being alive and the frustration of not being able to solve the unsolvable sickness called mankind and its rotting blood inside.

That’s how early it all started. Was it New Jersey or was it in Rio or was it under the Putney Bridge? I don’t know. But I do know it was under something because I’d look up and see these monstrous hangers which I named “clouds from a dressed up universe.

The planets and their dance, we’ll soon find out, revolve around a conspiracy theory as well.

“clouds from a dressed up universe” and their affinity with finitude.” Now this isn’t Kant anymore. But is it worth anything?

Two bodies stiff, dead stiff and motionless, laying in pools of blood. Both are Beckett contacts. The Arab man who stabbed Beckett, when brought to trial, had nothing to say: all he uttered was “I don’t know…I don’t know”.

Between spasms of sadness, I could see my father trying to catch some medium radio frequency, either from The Voice of America or from the BBC World Service at Bush House in London, opposite the Aldwich Theater, where I “intruded” into Peter Brook’s rehearsal of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” a decade later.

And these memories are all just clouds from a dressed up universe and their affinity with finitude!

Having pleased or annoyed thousands, here, in this theater or any other, I find myself thinking about the solitude of our impersonal hotel rooms.

All that silence after all that applause.

“Stay with me a little longer, please!”

If I could let the audience in, I would. For sex, for company, for dinner or just for laughs.

I was born with Kristalnacht in my head, being fed those images day in day out. Having lost family at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, I can afford to play with the idea of death as well, although I have the ultimate fear of it. I actually tried it for real in January 2015, in Wengen (in the Swiss Alps) where I keep a flat.

But now, ripped open on this operating theater, starring this camera in the eye, I’ll tell it to you straight: it isn’t ‘my’ death I fear, but the death of all that I have managed to conglomerate, configurate, amalgamate and, especially, transform and interpret.

Yes, I can and will afford the occasional joke and hold a press conference in, say, Germany, just before the opening night of some opera I directed. I enter the room packed with journalists with a massively packed ashtray filled to the rafters with butts and ashes and I say “any objection if my family were to join me? “

Grimm reactions for obvious reasons but I have no regrets.

“Any objection if my family were to join me?

The RUBBLE of the 20th Century – Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Ground Zero and the Berlin Wall as metaphors – are the broken mosaics and we need to deconstruct no further. Stop it. Stop it, for Christ’s sake. Everyone is just still taking things apart and pasting them together as they well please. PLEASE! If applied to my body right now in this operating theater, exactly what would become of me?

A strangely masked and deformed creature could storm in here and say in a clear loud voice that which was written on that piece of paper handed to me by the blind boy was the essence of the rubble.

And, most probably, it was.

He has been the one constant voice whispering in my ears; the reassuring voice of calm and tranquility over the last sixty years of my life, whenever, wherever I was or happened to be: rubble, rubble, rubble….

Sound of sirens and people on sidewalks and that strange thrill one gets when all the emergency services rush to a crime scene. I am lying in a pool of blood, my own blood (it must be). Out of the pupil of my right eye I can see all the police isolating the area. I can hear nothing. Slowly everything becomes blurry and the sounds become octaves lower than in fact they are….. I am numb and no longer…..Someone touches me and rips open my jacket.

“Sir, I’m practically and emotionally stifled right now. Please!” I respond.

“May be so, but physically speaking, death and destruction have a practical attribute: ‘Das Capital’. The refuffle, fuffle, the truffle, I mean, the reshuffling of material goods….”

The powerful men and women who inhabit this planet of mine, are part of a strange organization, a weird play, a never-ending script. They are also part of a global conspiracy, my own, a shadow organization that spans across every continent and has for the last six decades.  Some call this group “And Dead, We Walk”. Others call it: the theater.

I can’t help it. After all, he, the actor also speaks to the subconscious, the subliminal understanding of the audience, the subjective mind, the ultra sensitive mind, that which operates in almost autistic and Para psychological ways.

Let me correct that: it´s a flirt.

For, when that curtain closes, or when that light goes out and we – the actors and directors – go back to our dressing rooms, we have lost all our energies and a strange phenomenon has happened. The audience leaves enlightened. We, on the other hand, are dead, expressionless, have nothing to say other than make small talk or go over some mistakes or laugh about some of those memorized lines and its light cues. All the shine has left us, all the glamour was robbed away from us. We are corpses in a Beckett piece all roaming searching for its lost one.

Why is that so?

But that is only natural. When we look up toward the sky on a cloudless night, we also don´t have the slightest idea of where all that is coming from.

After all, this sense of being left behind and forgotten is an ultimate kind of feeling, isn’t it? If it weren’t, one would take being alone lightly.

PORTUGUESE, a different part:

“TEATRO: Não posso evitar sentir essa síndrome do intestino irritável e rir, rir e rir, esperando que os ecos de minha risada possam ser ouvidos por alguém, qualquer um, perto ou longe, que compreenda minha dor e a dor de viver, a dor de estar vivo e a frustração de não ser capaz de solucionar a insolúvel doença chamada humanidade e seu sangue pútrido.

Enquanto estou deitado nesta cama de hospital, lembro de todas as vezes em que tive de dizer adeus a uma mulher com quem dividira parte de minha vida.

Anos e anos de companheirismo e cumplicidade e então, subitamente, chega a hora de dizer adeus. Ambos banhados em lágrimas e ambos desejando voltar atrás e reconsiderar. Lá no fundo, você sabe que acabou – e ela também. Há um último suspiro. Um último abraço. Um último beijo e ela vai embora. E, mortos, caminhamos. O nó na garganta se transforma em tumor.”

“Pois, quando a cortina desce, quando a luz se apaga e nós – atores e diretores – voltamos a nossos camarins, perdemos toda a nossa energia, e um estranho fenômeno tem lugar. A plateia vai embora iluminada. Nós, por outro lado, estamos mortos, inexpressivos e não temos nada a dizer, senão conversar sobre banalidades, repassar erros ou rir de algumas daquelas falas que perdemos, textos que deram branco e aquelas deixas de luz…NOSSA! Todo o brilho nos deixou, todo o glamour nos foi roubado. Somos corpos em uma peça de Beckett, vagueando e procurando pelo que perdemos.

Por que isso acontece?

É natural. Quando olhamos para o céu em uma noite sem nuvens, também não temos a menor ideia de onde vem tudo aquilo.
Afinal, essa sensação de ser deixado para trás e esquecido é um tipo derradeiro de sentimento, não é? Se não fosse, não daríamos bola para o fato de estarmos sozinhos.

Gerald Thomas

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BREXIT or LEAVE, yes: what a relief !!!


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.45.04 AMScreen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.44.11 AM

CONGRATULATIONS UNITED KINGDOM ! You’ve gained your well deserved solitude. And everyone in the (universe) who fully understands what that means, can only say: HURRAY ! HURRAY! HURRAY!
With pride and honour, joy and sadness,
tears flowing, nausea and happiness

my answer to a friend is included in this post.

My answer to XX my dearest: yes, there will be a crisis (maybe), for a while. But the word itself –  while –  means just that. You may not remember – but I certainly do !!! – the immense power Britain had in the days when it was ‘allowed’ to have it, i.e. British Leyland and all the amazing cars and other vehicles it produced. Then came this fucking Common Market and whatever it was that Edward Heath – and his fake posh accent convinced “the Commons” to do and then came this FARCE called the EU came about and it just QUADRUPLED (by the day) UK’s foreign debt. Why?  Because of (@#$%%^**&**&^%%) GREECE, for F*******’s sake, and Portugal and all those unmanageable countries. Now, just put 2 + 2 together.

Once upon a time, there was British Rail, one of the MOST efficient railway services in the world and blah blah blah….. until one day, the UK sold, SOLD Heathrow airport’s management (a matter of National SECURITY) to the Spaniards……. How does this all sound? 🙂

Crazy? Yes, crazy. But there will be a smell, a scent of DIFFERENCE in the air. And that, in and of itself, is GREAT.

Gerald Thomas.

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A self imposed DUNGEON !!!!


Gone! Gerald Thomas has GONE. (maybe forever).

Gone! Gerald Thomas has GONE. (maybe forever).

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“CALAMIDADE PUBLICA” – Mais uma vez, o governo BR dribla e engana a todos e LUCRA e ROUBA !

“Calamidade Pública”
Eu devo estar errado mas… NUNCA ouvi falar – historicamente – em se declarar “estado de calamidade pública” para apressar “obras atrasadas para as Olimpiadas ” (ou seja lá para o que for!!) Calamidade pública é quando MORRE gente, é quando DESABA montanha, é quando ALAGA, AFOGA, PEGA FOGO, EXPLODE, etc… (digo, fora de proporções “aceitáveis”), não?)

Calamidade (do latim calamitate) ou catástrofe significa desgraça pública, flagelo.

Podemos definir como estado de calamidade pública uma situação anormal, provocada por desastres, causando danos e prejuízos que impliquem o comprometimento substancial da capacidade de resposta do poder público do ente atingido.

Uma calamidade pode ter origem em fenômenos naturais. Quando ocorrem grandes desgraças, infelicidades e infortúnios nas comunidades se utiliza o termo calamidade pública. Os governos nacionais nestes casos atualmente possuem mecanismos para salvaguardar as populações atingidas. Estes são chamados normalmente de defesa civil, que é executada por voluntários e profissionais voltados a auxiliar os atingidos pela calamidade.

Embora estes acontecimentos sejam bastante marcantes é possível controlá-los através de métodos de prevenção catastrofiais.”

Puts !!!!!

Gerald Thomas

Enorme repercussão no Facebook (likes and shares)

Enorme repercussão no Facebook (likes and shares)

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The BRUTAL MURDER of Jo COX MP (Labour) – a Brilliant young woman.




I’m in total shock.  An MP has died after she was shot and stabbed in a “horrific” assault in her constituency, police have said.
Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was left bleeding on the ground after the attack in Birstall, West Yorkshire. A man was arrested nearby.
One eyewitness told the BBC they heard her attacker shout “put Britain first” at least twice beforehand.
Tributes flooded in from politicians including David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and US Secretary of State John Kerry.
Mrs Cox’s husband Brendan said she would want people “to unite to fight against the hatred that killed her.”
I’m in shock

I’ve been in shock since…… (……….) 

I’m on a countdown….But the MASSACRE in Orlando….and now this….plus the daily CRISIS in Syria and so on…

Gerald Thomas.

PEACE !!!!

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Georgette Fadel and I trash-talk and making plans # 1 and 2 + UPDATE


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Ask me how I feel … No, don’t.

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An incredibly beautiful and powerful message of PEACE ! Billy Crystal on Muhammad Ali.

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I made this drawing this morning. It amazes me that it hasn't occurred to anyone else.

I made this drawing this morning. It amazes me that it hasn’t occurred to anyone else.

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I hope the world might get some inspiration from this speech and from Muhammad Ali’s life story !

I hope, with all my heart, that the world will get some inspiration from this clip: Bill Clinton delivers such an amazing eulogy that not only do we cry, laugh and reflect but also understand what America was and is. And we understand how America is seen from the perspective of a great statesman talking about a HUGE man, a HUGE defiant man, probably the greatest of all: Muhammad Ali. He, who once defied the US government itself and all it stood for. And then, rewrote his own history, from his name, from his game all the way up to fame, rapper that he was – a GREAT humanitarian, a fantastic soul.

Ali and Clinton, two friends. Almost unthinkable, right?

So, this is how it works.

Countries where presidents are either too illiterate to speak or too pompous to breathe the same air as the rest of us…. These “heads of state” mostly lack the humor of the likes of Clinton. So, I beg you: please listen to this, consider the grandiosity of Muhammad Ali and what he stood for and reflect. Reflect and …. Reflect. It’s a Master Class in “living, loving, forgiving and – of course – triumphing”

 Gerald Thomas

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Having a painful laugh after a Buster Keaton kind of train ride….

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I’m a Puyallup and I relate to stones.



A  Puyallup Chief came to me gently and said – in a language I could not understand and yet I could feel it. Yes, I could feel a language! –

Come in, sit with us. You are not a stranger. You are family”. I confess that the moment I dreaded the most was that “pipe smoking” ritual. I have not touched tobacco in 12 years. Instead, when I sat down and joined this circle of friends, I was offered a tea. At first it tasted so so so bitter… that… that….

 Chief, is this…ayahuasca ?”

 He laughed.

 No, it’s much stronger than ayahuasca! You will develop wings you’ve had in the past and fly higher than the highest mountain. You’re not a mountain man. You ARE the mountain. Come on, drink your tea”.

I drank it. No hallucinations. It was just…. A very bitter herbal tea.

He mumbled in what I later found out to be his dialect: “S’puyalupubsh”

This is a true story and is to be continued.

It has changed my life completely. All I know is that.. this somehow explains that my fascination for the smoke I fill my stages with (my plays are filled with smoke) and the coffee color (earth color / mud, really) and my eternal fascination with mountains down to little rocks (not Art Kansas ) but tiny rocks does have profound implications in what I have been and who I am.

From the back of my neck IN…..And…..OUT….from….

“What to you seems such simple fact of life, son, to them seems outrageous pornography.” The Chief said, once outside of the tent in private, so to speak.

“And what to them seems a light at the end of the tunnel, to you seems like a possible suicide.”

“They will never understand how much knowledge and humor is contained in the highest mountain.” 

“But when it thunders and lightening frightens them, that’s when your guts are laughing. Have no fear, son. No fear.”

He told me so many incredible and almost incredulous things that night that….the rest is to be….

(to be continued…..)



Gerald Thomas

Lenox, Massachusetts.


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Read my TripAdvisor review of Canyon Ranch, Lenox, Massachusetts





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Trespassing all the borders – a beautiful friendship (Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell





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R.I.P. Muhammad Ali, the world’s GREATEST ! (your spirit of defiance and compassion will live on )

Muhammad Ali

His refusal to be drafted during the Vietnam War, his rejection of racial integration at the height of the civil rights movement, his conversion from Christianity to Islam and the changing of his “slave” name, Cassius Clay, to one bestowed by the separatist black sect he joined, the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, were perceived as serious threats by the conservative establishment and noble acts of defiance by the liberal opposition.

Loved or hated, he remained for 50 years one of the most recognizable people on the planet.

To the end, his humor remained unchallenged as did his passion and compassion for humanity.

Here’s a man and who now sits up there with the all the greats  like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and the highest spirits of humanity.

He saw further. They all looked further.

She should all learn from him, from them.

Gerald Thomas.

When I feel sorry for myself (and / or depressed), I watch this interview 0ver and over again. It is one of the most inspiring of all: Here Muhammad Ali is interviewed by the great Ed Bradley, of CBS 60 Minutes



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OFF the hook !!! The meaning of “being Gerald Thomas”


The meaning of “being Gerald Thomas”

Weird things happen every day when you are you. But…when you’re me, it maybe even weirder.  Emails, voice messages, text messages, Facebook inbox “things” jump right right into my eyeballs, out of the blue and into my skull for no apparent reason but to hurt me.

Well, that isn’t entirely true.

I represent income ($$$ ) to a lot of people. Yes, money. And if it ain’t that, it’s some other kind of ‘support’ or need, favor or….Yes, I always seem to be there for people.

So, as an example of “aloneness”, or loneliness or any kind of “lessness” that one might be able to apply to the end of a word without sounding toooooooo pathetic of self pitying, then today seems to have been the icing on the cake. Oh no, wait ! The cake will be in a month. July 1st is my birthday, so….the cake is 30 days from today.

Emails come and go and in this weird traffic, they hurt. I mean, they come unsolicited and yet.. Wait. Here’s one example:

This is my reply to someone who, from the Lone Star State asked me if I was in the US.

After showing some concern….. my reply…was…

“…Well… I’m trying…. Force feeding… You know 

Vegan … Strange schedule!

Weird stuff is happening dearest

Weird stuff …

I guess it’s normal after delivering 3 books, no ?

And working and reworking 2 plays !!!

I’ll be 62 in one goddamn month !

62 !!

Never thought I’d get thus far and be 


 To which she  replied:

 “you are NEVER alone… ever”

Really? Does she even know me?

I sat there, dumbfounded for a while… thinking…How do I get myself into these ‘personal’ and highly impersonal traps? But, then again, she’s right. In the macrocosm, in the yin and yang version of things, considering the Zen and the Tao Order of the Universe, we’re but a speck of dust. Granted.  In that case, end of conversation.  So….

Why bother asking in the first place??!! ! I mean, people are all entangled in their own problems and… life is fucking tough so…


 WHY ASK ????

 See? Here’s the difference. When I ask, it’s because I care and I follow thru.

 When I ask, it’s because I care and I follow thru. (Yes, they heard you, GT)


But her case is not the only one. She’s part of the MAJORITY.

It follows a very unfortunate pattern – all too familiar – of people who engage (intensely, I might add) for days and then…..gone. ALL GONE.

 “Can you help me with this play?” “What would Beckett have said about xxxxx ?”

 Or….. “QUE SAUDADES!!!” “CAN you send me a picture of your mother? Your father? OR….

 “ I had a dream about you last night. Uh, intense ! We fucked. Ah, and – by the way – I need to act. GERALD, I NEED TO ACT !!!! You don’t happen to have a role for me,  do you ? (this, by the way, isn’t even an actress).

 For most people – I’m guessing – reaching fame means ‘having made it’ in the most absurd sense of the word. They assume that – once you’re ‘on’ this platform, you suffer from no gastrointestinal problems, no addictions, no miseries of any kind. It’s all

A “colorful’ environment and that’s that.

“Oh, poor Gerald. He’s complaining again”, I overhear someone. “I’d LOVE to inherit half a million of his problems”, and they chuckle away, as they walk into sinister land.

I’m writing this at 10PM, Eastern, after having spent most of my day feeling very sick and landing at the infirmary of where I happen to be. One of my closest friends knows this but, believe it or not, as I close this quick article, I will …..(no I won’t)… I was going to…. continue correcting his application for a…..

Oh, you know ? See that hook up there?

Yes !

 You guessed it.

Gerald Thomas










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Canyon Ranch, Lennox, Massachusetts. Heaven !


Gerald Thomas


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“O Balcão” de Genet e o Brasil….ah…e o “Diario de um Ladrão” (Também de Genet)




“O Balcão”, de Jean Genet, é atual em qualquer época. Mas, se montada JUSTAMENTE AGORA no Brasil, acho que (mesmo que a encenação adotasse um tom dramático – além do obviamente farsesco explicito na obra e na rubrica ), o público MORRERIA de rir, morreria de gargalhar e sairia do teatro dizendo: “Nossa ! Esse tal de Genet hein? Mora aonde ? Será que está vivo e atua lá em Brasilia?
Sujeito espero esse tal de Genet.
É….O Balcão…Onde todos de travestem de coisas que não são.

AH ! Isso sem contar com a sua OBRA PRIMA : “O Diário de um Ladrão“. WOW! Brasil ? Que nada. Conta a história dos tempos, todos eles, qualquer lugar, lugar nenhum. Mas o fato é que a pioneira Ruth Escobar, encenou o Balcão em plena ditadura militar brasileira com direção (a mais genial ever, diga-se de passagem), de Victor Garcia.

E Tudo isso é e está mais que relevante no BR de hoje (e sempre) e….que triste né?

Sounds “familiar” ?

Gerald Thomas

Canyon Ranch

Lenox , Massachusetts



Do brilhante Arnaldo Jabor – O Brasil virou uma piada internacional. Outro dia, vi um programa na CNN sobre nós. Tive vontade de chorar

O Brasil virou uma piada internacional. Outro dia, vi um programa na CNN sobre nós. Tive vontade de chorar. Segundo a imprensa estrangeira, nós somos incompetentes até para sediar a Olimpíada, a economia está quebrada e o impeachment pode impedir os Jogos, pois somos desorganizados, caem pontes e pistas, os mosquitos estariam esperando os atletas, a Baía de Guanabara é um lixo só, bosta boiando, o crime campeia na cidade, onde conquistamos brilhantemente o recorde de estupros.

Até um programa humorístico famoso, o “Saturday Night Live”, fez uma sátira — Dilma fumando charuto e tomando caipirinha, numa galhofa insultuosa que sobrou para o país todo.

Mas Dilma sabe defender o país. Seus discursos revelam isso. Senão, vejamos, suas ideias:

“Antes de Lula, o Brasil estava afunhunhado. Mas o presidente Lula me deixou um legado, que é cuidar do povo brasileiro. Eu vou ser a mãe do povo brasileiro. O Brasil é um dos países mais sólidos do mundo, que, em meio à crise econômica mundial, das mais graves talvez desde 1929, é o país que tem a menor taxa de desemprego do mundo.

“Nós não quebramos, este é um país que tem… tem aquilo que vocês sabem o que é. Por isso, não vamos colocar uma meta. Vamos deixar a meta aberta, mas, quando atingirmos a meta, vamos dobrar a meta. Ajuste fiscal? Coisa rudimentar. Gasto publico é vida. Eu posso não ter experiência de governar como eles governaram; agora, governar gerando emprego, distribuição de renda, tirando 24 milhões da pobreza elevando a classe média, eu sei muito bem fazer.

“Entre nossos projetos, nós vamos dar prioridade a segregar a via de transporte. Segregar via de transportes significa o seguinte: não pode ninguém cruzar rua, ninguém pode cruzar a rua, não pode ter sinal de trânsito, é essa a ideia do metrô. Ele vai por baixo, ou ele vai pela superfície, que é o VLT.

“A mesma coisa nós vamos fazer com o Seguro Defeso, por exemplo. Nós somos a favor de ter Seguro Defeso para o pescador, sim. Agora, não é possível o pescador morar no semiárido nordestino e receber Seguro Defeso, por um motivo muito simples: lá não tem água, não tendo água não tem peixe. Também não seremos vencidos pela zika e dengue; quem transmite a doença não é o mosquito; é a mosquita.

“Antes, também os índios morriam por falta de assistência técnica. Hoje não; pois temos muitas riquezas.

“E aqui nós temos uma, como também os índios daqui e os indígenas americanos têm a deles. Nós temos a mandioca. E aqui nós estamos comungando a mandioca com o milho. E, certamente, nós teremos uma série de outros produtos que foram essenciais para o desenvolvimento de toda a civilização humana ao longo dos séculos. Então, aqui, hoje, eu estou saudando a mandioca. Acho uma das maiores conquistas do Brasil.

“Vocês, dos jogos indígenas, estão jogando com uma bola feita de folhas, e por isso eu acho que a importância da bola é justamente essa, o símbolo da capacidade que nos distingue como… Nós somos do gênero humano, da espécie sapiens. Então, para mim, esta bola é um símbolo da nossa evolução. Quando nós criamos uma bola dessas, nós nos transformamos em homo sapiens ou ‘mulheres sapiens’.

“Eu ouço muito os prefeitos — teve um que me disse assim: ‘eu sou o prefeito da região produtora da terra do bode’. Então, é para que o bode sobreviva que nós vamos ter de fazer também um Plano Safra que atenda os bodes, que são importantíssimos e fazem parte de toda tradição produtiva de muitas das regiões dos pequenos municípios aqui do estado.

“Aqui tem 37 municípios. Eu vou ler os nomes dos municípios… Eu ia ler os nomes, não vou mais. Por que não vou mais? Eu não estou achando os nomes. Logo, não posso lê-los.

“A única área que eu acho que vai exigir muita atenção nossa, e aí eu já aventei a hipótese de até criar um ministério, é na área de… Na área… Eu diria assim, como uma espécie de analogia com o que acontece na área agrícola.

“A Zona Franca de Manaus, ela está numa região. Ela é o centro dela porque ela é a capital da Amazônia. Aliás, a Zona Franca evita o desmatamento, que é altamente lucrativo — derrubar árvores plantadas pela natureza é altamente lucrativo.

“Eu quero adentrar agora pela questão da inflação, e dizer a vocês que a inflação foi uma conquista destes dez últimos anos do governo do presidente Lula e do meu governo. Não acho que quem ganhar ou quem perder, nem quem ganhar nem perder, vai ganhar ou perder. Vai todo mundo perder. A autossuficiência do Brasil sempre foi insuficiente.

“Os homens não são virtuosos, ou seja, nós não podemos exigir da humanidade a virtude, porque ela não é virtuosa. Se os homens e as mulheres são falhos, as instituições, nós temos que construí-las da melhor maneira possível, transformando… aliás isso é de um outro europeu, Montesquieu. É de um outro europeu muito importante, junto com o Monet.

“Até agora, a energia hidrelétrica é a mais barata, em termos do que ela dura com a manutenção e também pelo fato de a água ser gratuita e de a gente poder estocar. O vento podia ser isso também, mas você não conseguiu ainda tecnologia para estocar vento. Então, se a contribuição dos outros países, vamos supor que seja desenvolver uma tecnologia que seja capaz de na eólica estocar, ter uma forma de você estocar, porque o vento ele é diferente em horas do dia. Então, vamos supor que vente mais à noite, como eu faria para estocar isso? O meio ambiente é sem dúvida nenhuma uma ameaça ao desenvolvimento sustentável.

“Aliás, hoje é o Dia das Crianças. Ontem eu disse que criança… o dia da criança é dia da mãe, do pai e das professoras, mas também é o dia dos animais. Sempre que você olha uma criança, há sempre uma figura oculta, que é um cachorro atrás, o que é algo muito importante.

“Por isso, afirmo que não há a menor hipótese do Brasil, este ano, não crescer. Eu estou otimista quanto ao Brasil. Eu sou algo que a humanidade desenvolveu quando se tornou humana.”


É isso aí, gente, se Dilma voltar, ela tem em mente um projeto ambicioso de país. Estamos salvos.

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