MANIFESTO # 2 for workshop in MILAN

The huge coffee big bang (GT 2003 London)

The huge coffee big bang (GT 2003 London)



I wish it were enough to state that we are all lost (in space and in all directions) in the arts and all that “bla bla bla” (as I so often do!).Unfortunately, it is not. I mean, fortunately, it’s not.

“Fail. Fail again. Fail better” (Samuel Beckett).

-It’s also easy to keep on looking back into the past, into our tunnel of references and carry on repeating them without knowing that we’re merely creating a spiral of bestialities and eternal repetitions, doomed to resonate only within a smaller and smaller circle of people.

And that is, precisely that, what is happening with the experimental arts, experimental theater – and / or the avant garde in general.

So, within this context (knowingly awkward and especially difficult and from the very bottom of a deep hole), the question is :  what would be the adequate means to address the theater these days? I mean it in a very practical way. But in every praxis, there is a strong, strong, concrete and yet flexible philosophy in course behind.

We have been crying our eyes out and laughing our way through the centuries on the stages of the world.

Is this enough? NO, not enough!

In the ages of cynicism and cyber cynicism of the internet and the extreme cruelty of terrorism, we’re living a crossgender era of post this, post that – post/ post-hyper-modernism and people just can’t stand the breaking down of every particle of every atom of every icon of every “almost biblical” aspect of ‘post destructive’ and cynical art.

I believe it’s time TO REBUILD again.

What form of acting is it that represents us today? Do we have it? Do we need to find it?

Yes, we need to dig deep and find it be it through metaphors or a language we do not know yet.

We’re open.

Gerald Thomas

New York

April 28, 2016


– Saturday 4 June 2016 time 11h-18h

– Sunday 5 June 2016 hours 11h-18h

– Saturday  11 June 2016 hours 11h-18h

– Sunday 12 June 2016 hours 11h-18h

– Saturday  18 June 2016 hours 11h-18h

– Sunday 19 June 2016 hours 11h-18h






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