Fauna and Flora (a travesty of Italian beauty) Last bit of my play…..


From Black Olive Branches…

Defendant starts walking sideways. Faster and faster.


SEX !!! (walking sideways. Faster and faster.)

Can’t talk about it anymore.

Have done so much of it !!!!

I wonder if the exhibition of it …

And the ruffling of it….the leaves of the revolution are more important than its principles…or… taking arms against a sea of troubles and…

Hamlet was impotent. I just realized that. Poor prince. Poor Shakespeare. I just realized that !

I CAN and will demonstrate to all of you how sex is performed.

(and he does a performance of it)

But is that it?

A performance?



You there?

Do you know how many people have asked this question? In everyday life? In…. books? In the theater? In philosophy? In…. LIFE? With each new generation ….this question is asked and …

….yes, a performance just like EVERY thing else we do:

when we kiss…

when we eat for pleasure ….

and when we say we believe in God.

We say we worship.

What? A god? A cunt? A dick? An asshole? Chaucer?

Boccaccio? Dante?

Really ? I learned so much in that Guetto ! What was it ? forgot.

But we DO look at a half naked Jesus! Correction ! A NAKED Jesus. All sensual….

The way he ‘hangs’ there crucified…wouldn’t we all ?

Isn’t that what PURE S & M ???

Fuck it. Forget it.



Defendant walks sideways out of Firenze and into Dante’s INFERNO (wherever that may be).

Street noises.

Wall Street noises.

Voice 1: Have you heard or seen Bertrand lately? Any reports from him?

Voice 2: Last I heard I saw him posting something on Facebook…can’t remember….

Voice 3: I do! He had donated everything to the Trump campaign. I thought he’d really gone crazy. Him? Trump?

Voice 1: Trump ? Bertrand? Trump? NO!!

Voice 3: Yes, then he posted a picture of himself kneeling in front of an billboard showing a HUGE picture of Christiane Amanpour over which he has sprayed I LOVE YOU ! I LOVE YOU !

Voice 1 : Wow ! and when was that ?











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