Not many times enough. Venice, again !


Venice - Jewish Guetto

Venice – Jewish Guetto


“Many times in life we many times. We often private stuff like toilet stuff. We too often poop, we too often pee , we too often constipation stuff and we too often feel like life imprisonment stuff. A lot of people in life often fly kites, often run away from home only to put their tails between their legs and return home again. Many people drink beer . Many people have have serious nervous breakdowns yet they still pay to see Almodovar’s movies about nervous breakdowns. Many people get confused with the alphabet yet go out and buy ” The Making of Americans ” by Gertrude Stein. So we should not be taken seriously . Often in life we ​​often in life because we often, far far too often . Venice is…. Venice is so often in our lives but so often in our lives… . Such is life. Not often enough !”


Gerald Thomas

Venice, February 1, 2016

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