2015 ! Get the hell away ! ALL STRANGE AWAY !!! And all things considered…..



London – What a year , this…2015 ! Man!!! I even started this odyssey by slitting my wrists just after the Charlie Hebdo attacks last January and almost did it again right after the Paris massacres of November 13th !!! Wrote an open letter to President François Hollande asking him to reconsider “This is not a War, Mr Hollande, it’s Terrorism!”, published in the Guardian and in Folha de São Paulo but….what the hell! This 2015 also brought some (shall I say…) good stuff, albeit, most of it, virtual. Beautiful friendships, beautiful people. People who came and went (disappeared and reappeared, all like a tango all like a choreography of enormous deja-vu. And now? No idea. Every moment, a surprise.

Oh yes. I did manage to finish and hand in my autobiography (not a laughing matter – perhaps more of a crying matter!), “AND DEAD, WE WALK”. Oh yes. I also did manage to finish but NOT hand in my novel, “THE LOST CASE OF A BRIEF OF A BRIEF CASE” . Oh, yes. Managed to hand in a compilation of my preferred 12 best plays and, who knows, they will – one day – become a book. Who cares ! This all goes to say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. (By a half!) Yet, accomplished. (By a half!)

I always ask myself: are these books really ever going to be published? (but then again, I have always asked the same question before every other book I did publish or before every other play I opened and before any other painting I hung and before any other love affair I had and before every time I had to open the door and face the world outside thinking the world would END ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY BECAUSE …. Well because it did end on one particular day for my relatives at Auschwitz or for us, on that September 11th day, say… I asked myself then as I do now: WILL IT EVER ???

I walk around London more so than in New York because more memories…well…yes, memories….on every corner smells on every corner and books and love affairs and well, let it just fucking STOP. 2015, get the fuck away.

That, in itself, will be quite an achievement.

Gerald Thomas


Londres – Que ano! Esse sim, esse 2015 ! Até eu comecei essa odisseia cortando os pulsos logo após o ataque ao Charlie Hebdo e quase o fiz de novo, depois dos ataques a mesma Paris em 13 de Novembro. Mas tive ganhos imensos, quase todos virtuais. Pessoas lindas que vieram e foram (e voltaram e se foram de novo: parece um enorme deja-vu …e hoje? Não sei! A cada momento, uma surpresa!).

Ah sim. Terminei a minha autobiografia “And Dead, We Walk”, e entreguei. Terminei a minha ficção “The Lost Case of a Brief Case”, e entreguei e o livro com as 12 peças está pra sair (mas sempre me pergunto: “será que está pra sair mesmo? Hmmm…..)

Pronto! Uma “espécie” de missão cumprida. Pela metade, mas cumprida (pela metade), mas cumprida. Pela metade.

Fico andando por essa cidade que mais amo (sim, Londres, bem mais que NYC) e onde me vem memórias de adolescente e onde cada esquina tem um cheiro e cada cheiro um livro e cada livro um amor e cada amor um romance e

…Bem, chega disso: feliz 2016 pra todos e que seja …. bem, que seja … que não seja 2015 ! Isso, em si já é alguma coisa!!!!




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