Sketch for issue # zero of Vanity Fair, 1982

Sketch for issue # zero of Vanity Fair, 1982


Sitting in a corner of a posh European hotel observing posh people doing posh things I sip my espresso and wonder about this rather bizarre choreography of well behaved people doing well behaved things, never tripping over the wire, hair in place, buttons in place, high heels ever higher, champagne never dripping, smiles all smiles, concierges all Jacques Tatis and managers going wild behind the scenes just like us, stage directors. How funny.

It’s all so ‘kool’. Nobody loses their cool and yet, they’re all on a million and one drugs to keep them up, keep them smiling, keep them thin, keep them erect, keep them ‘clean’, shaved, smelling of no bad breath at all and. Wow. It’s exhausting!

Imagine! Inside their heads! To keep this engine running so smoothly! And this is just ONE lobby of ONE hotel. Everyone keeping it so so so posh! I’m sure they all just want SCREEEAAAAM and fall and burst and fart and shit. No, stop it. Stop it.

I notice that the lines to the bathrooms are huge and people are increasingly impatient. Yet, still smiling. Smiling and itching. Times change little, it seems.


PS: Eugene Goldstein comments: 

“Next time, perhaps, try tea?”

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