Moma or Noma? René Redzepi is probablymostcertainly the new master !

René Redzepi

René Redzepi

Moma or Noma

People in pursuit of the pursuit?

I imagine that, for decades to come, people are still going to be addicted to ‘modern art’, ‘fauvism’, abstract expressionism’, ‘impressionism’ and all that. All that ‘Dadaism’, ‘Surrealism’, ‘Cubism’ and all those ‘Isms’. Oh Boy!

What’s really funny is that “the artist” or, what’s formerly known as the “formerly known” as the “formerly know” as “the artist” has been so desperately trying to convince the public that ART is no longer.

Now, isn’t that strange?

People don’t listen.

Seriously. Take a look. Take a look at Duchamp and the “ready mades” or take a look at Warhol’s duplications or….well.. take a look at the huge list of artists throughout this last, say, one hundred years, WARNING the public that art has ceased to be relevant.

And it has. But, for as long as people continue to produce it and for as long as galleries and new museums pop up (no pun) and continue to invest in it, there will be ‘art’. A small cap ‘a’ kind of art. It’s curious. Warning all disregarded and life in the art world has only grown. Why not sneeze again, Rose Selavy? No, bad idea. It might spoil the wonderful food at Noma.

Huge enormous queues outside the humungous Pollock retrospectives….(hmmm) Makes me wonder if those hoards of Japanese middle class tourists bussed in and out of Moma, standing there, saying nothing, just like in a Jacques Tati film, bussed out, saying nothing just like in a Jacques Tati film actually know where they are and what they’re looking at because…Well because I saw the same group only two days ago at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with exactly the same expressionless face and a week ago, laughing at the tower of Pisa because they had been told it was the world’s newest tallest structure.

In this age where almost everything is doable and viewable through your smartphone, taste is back. And the ROOT canal cause of what you eat and where it meets your DNA is where it’s at. While the tribal wars are at a peak in the Middle East, going for the jugular almost like never before (because the weapons are almost like never before), Western middle classes want to high class entertainment and some ‘profound’ knowledge of their “Ancestry”. Wow! The more you live the more insignificant you realize you are except when you are a member of the masses. Isn’t that something?

There are lots of interesting people in this world doing incredible things in the culinary-cultural social behaviorist phenomena like Anthony Bourdain and so many chefs since Paul Bocuse. But Noma’s René Redzepi is one of those fantastic combinations of Macedonian / Albanian and who knows what else, who ended up with his family in Copenhagen. And there, he grew to be a HUGE artist of the culinary sort.

He is – what we would call a total and complete nutcase of an innovator! And a great one. Yet, he goes and sticks his snout into long and old traditions to find out what, where and when (even simple, daily things like, coffee, in Turkey….). And, just like Anselm Kiefer, or Joseph Beuys, he lets food rot, create micro-organisms to see where it leads. And he eats them, cultivates a new form of eating behavior. He can actually move you, impact you just like a old Flemish master would have. I’m not kidding.

So, be warned, taste buds: art will be coming in through your mouth and, THANK GOD, it will only stay in your brain for a short while, in your heart for another short breath until you’re shitting it out.

And that is what art was always meant to be.

A short breath before a long crap.

Yes, crap! Like all true art should have been, all along. But people forgot and had it framed.

Gerald Thomas.

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