Wanderlei Silva – MY HERO ! great guy: Anderson Silva (another great hero of mine)

We tend to equate these guys with the most brutal of violent acts on the planet. But it ain’t so. Violence is what we do when we promote wars (kill hundreds of thousand innocent civilians) in the name of an ideology and elect politicians who advocate for huge corporations who disrespect any laws – feel more powerful than their voters and / or their citizens and endorse the gross discrepancies between races, religions and financial performances. Greedy and unstoppable crooks.

Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that was banished from Japan and developed in Brazil by Mr. Gracie , now age 92, and it’s a ‘flexible” philosophy of respect , dieting properly and health X sickness).

I’ve been studying these videos and, surely, sometimes they remind me of cock fights and brutally bloody battles from the Gladiator’s era (and I tend to look away when their faces become a Bacon painting of deformity and dripping blood).

Yet, Wanderlei Silva and Anderson Silva are incredibly LUCID guys, sensitive (as you can see in the above interview) with a hugely aware social consciousness. Wanderlei is a soft speaker and is concerned about education and the best of causes and is NOT a hypocrite. They see it as entertaining their fans, as a theater – just as we do in our theatrical lives.

I’ve become a fan.
Have been a fan of the Açai sorbet for decades. Now I finally understand why.

Gerald Thomas
June 1, 2014

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