ART comes from the gutter and not from a sunny beach!

I mean, where do you all think that ART comes from?

Seriously, give it a thought. Does it originate simply from what we call “experimental stuff”? If you do, you must be joking. And this word :”experimenting:” (what does it mean, where does it come from?)?

ART equals the dark of side of life, the one people stare in the eye and want to run away from! The ugly unbeknownst.

Now, why is it that those who, like me, are faithful not to one person but to an entire sequence of events (some, surely with strong connections to danger)? I wonder. But I do not wonder that I am rarely understood. This concept is privy to a few, A select few WHO KNOW WHAT THE GUTTER IS AND MEANS.

Risk: do you REALLY know what it’s like? Think. Just for a moment, think: do you really know what it’s like to live on the edge, searching, urchin, diving deep into nowhere? Do you know what it’s like to look around and see the RIDICULOUS awards, shows, the STUPID mass produced IGNORANCE called social media? Or how do you think Hendrix died? Or Joplin? Or Morrison? Or Cobain, Amy Winehouse ? Or, even, dare I say, Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Danger. Danger of death? Or of our finitude? We live in the ditch, in the pit, in the dark brown holes called the ass holes or called the mud ridden caves and trenches of the left overs of life. And that’s where we belong!!!

Yes, and that’s the crucial point. The point our mates and friends don’t understand and why? Because they’re in pursuit of happiness and a calm existence. Sad but laughable.

And this danger DOES include getting into situations where your own respiratory system may be at stake.

How else would we measure ourselves vis-a-vis the darkness of the universe?

Certainly NOT by going to the beach and living a life in disguise!!!! Hiding ones identity is NOT the answer. The “artist” is a naked person, raped, beaten and left for dead.

I am FULLY out there! I fear nothing! Am fully exposed. And, with that – there’s a large array of emotions. The main one being depression. Untreatable depression. Yes, because the diving is deep and down there, the pressure is strong and it hurts.

Nothing to be remedied. Imagine remedying Rimbaud, Imagine trying to cure William Blake or James Joyce. Imagine curing Goya, Duchamp, Pollock and W. Borroughs!Imagine “curing” Huxkley!

There’s NO CURE.

There’s OBS-CURE

Yes, that’s what there is. And that is why certain heroes DIE!!!

I have very little to live for. Very little.

Gerald Thomas
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