Imagine the world, five years from now!

my drawing for a play

my drawing for a play

my drawing - cover of my book The Staging of the Self (encenador de Si Mesmo)

my drawing – cover of my book The Staging of the Self (encenador de Si Mesmo)

Can you imagine the world, five years from now?

Can you imagine how many web-comments, how many opinions will have been left on YouTube and on Blogs, on websites, on discussion pages of newspapers and…God! It’s exasperating!

And how many tweets about nothing by whom you might be “following” or who might be “following you”, five years from now? Imagine these tweets !!!! If Twitter would only expaaaaaand it’s content and welcome MORE characters! Imagine!

Just imagine all these Facebook entries or Instagram pictures – you silly twit! – there will have been? Can you imagine how much SPYING will have gone on? How many leaks will have taken place, NSA, non- NSA, Wiki anti-Wiki and so on? How many people opinionating in all these hundreds of languages, quetching (kvetching) plaining and complaining about this and that – filling their empty lives and annoying us and themselves with their loud sounds!!! Imagine that!

Remember “The Jetsons” and their flying cars?

Well, that was the future of the past. It’s quite silly to think that we’re into the 21st Century and are still driving on the ground and on rubber tires which are easily….well, you got my drift!

We’re still burning gas or diesel or whatever combustible substance (including the Mayor of Toronto, of course!), in order to propel ourselves? NO! We are??? Wow. Imagine what they must have imagined in the Jetson era about us now, in 2013, nearing 2014!!!!

Just imagine living in a “toaster world” where walking down the street will become a dangerous mechanism for YOUR brain – presupposing that any of it will still be left, given that the iPhone is only less than 8 years old! And so is most of what I’m describing in this article!

Jules Verne? A Space Odyssey ? George Orwell? Aldous Huxley?

Nobody in this “brave new world” of ours has the brains or the time to remember.

Remember imagination?

Imagination Dead. Imagine.
(Samuel Beckett)

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Gerald Thomas
Nov 13, 2013

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