Any Longer and Any Moore !

The world as I know it

The world as I know it

Any Longer and Any Moore.

(the fierce duel between 2 girls from Long Island)

– Maybe I’ll live to see the day when stupidities like “Celebrity Apprentice” won’t exist any longer and the likes of Trump will return to what he was: a builder, a developer.
– Maybe I’ll live to see the day when another “Seinfeld” or, even, another “Monty Python” will light up the screens of our rooms and bring us the joy of fun + parody together with the ridicule of life, all at once in a big bang of genius.

You think?

Maybe these reality imbecilities will exhaust themselves and run out of fuel or, maybe, the running out of fuel – in itself – will become a reality show on the Twitter Channel, now hosted on the NSA LEAKS CHANNEL– hosted by Greenwald’s boyfriend in Rio, David Miranda, or by Snowden himself, in Moscow! HA!

Maybe Top Chef and the absurdity of having to run around with a bunch of carrots and some raw octopus while tripping all over the place so that some rock star (who has never eaten anything anyway because of all the drugs) can give them their thumbs up “HEY, MR B**** liked my DUCK a la Provence”

Does B***** even know where anything is, other than the NRA and fucking GUNS? Yes, he does. He’s a well traveled Rock star and “bullets a la provence is his favorite!

Those Housewives talking crap – those Cops talking crap while arresting Gang crack crap talking are no different than those talking heads DAILY speculating on the WOLF Blitzer show, whether it’s Her or Him or HIM wanting to be a HER or vice versa…

Oh Any Longer ! Will I live to see the day?

But what will happen on that day?

The Frequencies have gone CRAZY, we complain.

Are we going to go crazy if they go silent?

Do they replace the VOID within us?

Any Longer, are you there???? Are you listening?

WAIT ! Any Moore is whispering in my ear (via a silent Tweet)… (what is it?) oh….”The Days of the Cold War are Back”

Yes, I understand.
I miss those days too.
Miss them very much!

WAIT !!! (Any Longer is texting me….)



Precisely, Any. Precisely.
I’m Instagraming you now, so…you can see my neck and my Adam’s Apple and…so you can see me and I can see myself and what I’m eating before I post the entire thing on Facebook or else, if I don’t post it, IT DOESN’T EXIST!!!

-Will I live to see the end of the Tweeting days? Or will everyone’s privacy be invaded by a Chinese man or woman on vacation in the Swiss Alps pretending they are the new Emerging Rich when, in fact, Chairman Mao and Bob Dylan and even Andy Warhol are twisting and horrified in their graves SCREAMING OUT: wait a minute goddamn it!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!

“THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT’, says Warhol from his tomb when he came up with those 15 minutes…

“WAIT A MINUTE !!! “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT’ – says Chairman Mao, from his tomb in a direct line to Highgate Cemitery with Karl Marx when he looks at Shsnghai and…

BUT … Any…Do I want go back to when there were only 2 newspapers and only 2 news channels?

Do I want to go back to one only Cronkite and Wallace and (maybe a Murrrow?)? Or a Bernard Levin?

Do I ?

What did Thomas Bernhard have to say about this? Or Walter Benjamin? Or, even, Stephan Zweig?

To think that I’m only 59 years old and…. What I’ve seen and done leaves ne this bitter taste of nostalgia. Yet, Any Longer and Any Moore remember the crazed out dude cab driver – a checker – here in NY in the late 1970s who said to me in that amazing Bwookwin accent: “ART KILLS!!!”

It does.

How lucky we are.

I was never meant to be a CEO.

Only 3 days ago I was sitting in a room in the middle of Europe with well educated men. They were in their 35 to 50 and well versed in the arts. And, believe it or not, Any: they had NEVER heard of Philip Glass.

Silence, yes?

Yes, silence.

What does that mean to me?



Why? Because only months ago I was having to explain to a young and vibrant guy – deeply involved in the performing arts, who Marcel Duchamp was. Never heard. Never heard. Any, you still there? Ok, so rewind to 2002 when I conducted some theater workshops and found that Drama students – in there last year had NO IDEA who Artaud was. No idea. Or, for that matter, no idea who Julian Beck was. Yes, that bad.

Am I shocked? No. Only the other day (it’s always “only the other day, as if it were yesterday” I had to point out to a friend where Cedar’s Tavern used to be and what it represented: BLANK.
“You know, the Abstract Expressionists…Pollock , Greenberg, De Kooning…” BLANK !!!

Yes, the Seinfelds are Gone. Some will remember Monty Python and everyone knows who Donald Trump is.

Because the world has always been a STUPID PLACE.

I JUST happen to have lived through a period of extreme bonanza.

And for that I’m grateful.

Any Longer and Any Moore both know that.

But we’ll keep it a secret for the time being. Shush……

Gerald Thomas
Copyrighted Aug 24, 2014

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