What a beautiful life!

Pretend that the present has been stolen from you by a hacker.

So it is.

Imagine this. Imagine what incredible pleasure and divinity and amazing life I’ve had in these last 59 years!!! Just imagine the privilege. The privilege !

Then imagine the hacker!

Then imagine all this TRASH that’s online these days and this less-than-trash that these TWIT-ters and FacelessBooks and the GOOOGLES and this and that and the aimless SHITS who know NOTHING – (age 18 to 30) but pretend they do… Imagine! Just imagine!!!!

Imagine the BANKS and GOVERNMENTS lying to us, day after day (and at night), robbing us of our dignity, robbing us of our hoods, and these 1984 like cameras looking us in the face and in our toes and FUCKING WHAT?


TO JUMP FROM 59 TO 69 for instance? To and for what? To increase my already saturated dementia?

To become …what? 79 and a cripple? Or a hunchback or a hatchback or a bad fishtail?

What? To see and, perhaps, even to see and survive another WORLD WAR?

Why? What for? The Syrians are already doing that on my behalf. Those fucked up people in the Congo or in Darfour are already doing that on my behalf.

Does not 59 seem a noble age to LEAVE?

Out of my window I watch a spider devour a fly. Nature depresses tremendously, however, the TV is on the Nature Channel and those JAWS open up and devour yet another creature and so goes DARWIN and I feel so silly carrying my papers around – thinking that I might leave a legacy behind, thinking that my books, my plays, my name might even be recognized when I come back as another entity or when these eyes of mine shut for the last time, for the very last time and take a look around only to realize that I am nothing, was nothing, nothing is absolutely nothing, will never be anything because….we spin around a myth, an ego, an axe which is round and needs only a glimmer of light and this light is now…..OUT.

Gerald Thomas
August 13, 2013

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