Letter from Leonard Easter (about “Scratching the Surface”)

detail mentioned

detail mentioned

IMG_9142The first thing I did upon receiving the books is to re-read your manifesto and to skim through the book images. I have to admit that the image that I did not see ( it may not be there) is the bicycle wheel – if I remember it was set up as a piece of potential energy waiting for someone to spin it (like a chakra I guess) or maybe a fortune wheel. The other impulse I had was to have a cup of good coffee.

This is the work of a great man, who may wonder how much greater he can become – a type of inner-inversion. LIke the picture of you from your blog – instead of standing tall, shedding everything and standing on your head. Or the open boxes within open boxes, or the “origami” works that reach out from page dimensions to be sculptural – tempting one to carefully unfold without harming the creases.

Just early morning musings fueled by a tender stomach.

Have a great trip. I know I will have more impressions when I really get to become acquainted with the images.


Leonard Easter

Leonard Easter

BOOK launching across the continent begins early 2014

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