Autobiography – “Let’s say it started” – last chapter, “the end”

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– LET’S SAY IT ALL STARTS ON THE DAY MY MOTHER EXPLAINS TO ME THAT THE ONLY REAL THING THERE IS IN LIFE IS BETRAYAL – SO BE CAREFUL, They will get you, sooner of later they will come back and point the finger right up your nose and accuse you, denounce you, snitch you and have you arrested. Sounds like Kafka? Yes, just like Kaflka .

And this is why I have lived a life in panic, 59 years in the open, afraid of nothing – apparently – making a SHOW of myself because I knew all along that they would come and get me anyway just like my mother’s gardeners in her infancy who , one given day, turned around and came back the next morning, dressed in the Nazi uniform and gave the family the Hitler salut and said: YOUR house is now OUR house and NOW, GET THE HELL OUT BEFORE WE BURN YOU TO DEATH.

I was born burnt to death.

– the end
Gerald Thomas

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