Redefining the New American Family ! The Gay debate. We’re all gay. Aren’t you? Magical Man?

I'm not Munch

I’m not Munch

my drawing ages ago

my drawing ages ago

“Redefining the new American family” – brought to you by the Supreme Court – (will be right back after the commercials.)

Gays, lesbians, exotic and exoteric behavior, bipolar and schizophrenic disorder, voodoo lounges , black magic women, strange religions, UFO sighting, Popes in the family, drugs – hard and soft, mental retardation, gluten and lactose intolerance, terrorism, alcoholism, racial hatred, abstract expressionism, etc…

The big debate in the US at the moment is (again !!!– quite unbelievable) is whether or not to legalize same sex marriage. My arm is full of marks – I’ve been hitting the walls, and my hair turned orange! Am I for real? No, I’m not.

I remember, when growing up for a year in Tennessee (I was 12) and greeting a kid soldier, returning from Vietnam. Disoriented, fucked up and in constant rage (“agent orange” rage) he obviously could not deal with the neatly organized town (village? conglomerate?) called Erwin, where we lived. He’d seen atrocities.

But it needed to be like this: it took a kid like this to come back to the “Edwards” family and relay his anguishes, panics, his everythings so they could understand what nobody knew (then) and give him some loving.

Nobody knows nothing ever. That’s the rub.

Now, 5 decades later, nothing has changed. Not about only war (and also about the wars) but about the social conundrums and corners I see people pressed against because – well, because society STILL has not learned from the past. And it seems it never will. Kafka’s “The Penal Colony” dwells upon our ignorance as a blessing !
But it’s our ignorance which makes us (so happily) grab our morning beverage day after day and turn us into working warrior ants to oil the machine that will ultimately get us tortured us, harm us, kill us.

Yes, maybe something like that.

Please realize that, for a kid of the 1960s this is hard to come to terms with. Yes, a Huxley kid, a Leary kid, a …an Orwell and Hendrix kid and, ultimately a Shakespeare and Beckett kid…this is all very very old. Yes, cannot forget the Bloomsbury guys and dolls, The Wolfs and Shaws…and now the debate: THE SUPREME COURT WANTS TO REDEFINE THE AMERICAN FAMILY????


So, here we are again: years of political and legal battles over same-sex marriage could be decided with the unusual spectacle of the White House and Congress facing off before the US supreme court this week. The nine justices will for the FIRST TIME consider gay marriage in hearing two cases – one involving a California referendum barring gay marriage, and the other a federal law preventing the government from recognising same-sex unions. Both hinge on states’ rights and constitutional guarantees of equality.
Nine justices. Nine. Imagine that.
Judge Robert’s sister is a lesbian and has been waiting for this ‘thing’ to finally be passed into law so she can, well..get MARRIED. Dick Cheney’s daughter is too, a lesbian and…well, the same: wants to have a family and wants to stop fighting because of whom she is, goddamn it!
But do we need to always make progress because notorious families have finally realized that “things” happen in their own back yard? Is that what defines a democracy?
Everyone ALWAYS had or has a case in the family of someone (and or) something that is or has been outlawed. Outlawed for a while, at least.
During my days at Amnesty International in London in the mid 1970s, I’d always be amazed to find a die hard stone rich lady, arriving in a Rolls, covered in fur and jewelry, coming to present her case about her abducted brother or husband or son who was…a (wel….) communist (abducted,tortured and killed for engaging in some communist guerilla warfare in some remote area of the dictatorSHIT world).
Or, at a party somewhere, a “puritanical” couple, conventional to the dotted ‘I’, saying things soooo bitterly “right wingled” that not even the J Edgar Hoover era black lists would have believed it. Yet, 3 drinks later and a nose dive into a heap of cocaine, straw and all and listening to the ironic grove of “Hey Joe”, by Hendrix, they’d be crying their sorrows and dropping their masks.
Yes, everyone’s ass is burning with guilt somewhere because of this damn hypocrisy. How else would we catch Merv or Marv dressed as a drag queen in a motel, just so he’d be fired as a sports commentator from NBC? Or O J Simpson and the others who stab, shoot and throw crystals at you?
Yes , they snap and when they do the count is high: 20, 30 dead and it’s usually schools. Kids. A bunch of dead kids.
And all the dazed and confused roach like heads (like headless chicken) are left in parking lots wondering “but why? How? Him? “BUT He was so nice…kept to himself…and..never killed a fly” Always the same. Denial.
The false shock of the neighbors.
EVERYONE has something to do with:

– someone who snorts, drinks compulsively, overdoses on this and that, is gay, lesbian, transgender, has some weird exotic behavior and / or suffers from psychotic something, cancer, AIDS, HIV, practices voodoo , black magic or other off the record ritualistic faiths and are into strange religions, sects, UFO sightings, geometry lessons, have Popes in the family, do hard class A drugs, have relatives who are mental retards or are committed suicide or…speak to walls or speak to God directly or Cleopatra or ….have THE TRUTH in their bedroom drawer, “heal people”, etc.

So, out of the 7 billion that we are today, nobody escapes. Everyone is connected to someone who does something or IS Something that’s banned.

Everyone knows someone who knows some who knows someone who knows someone who…

I wonder why we keep on playing this mortal shadow play. And who is the audience of this “taboo play”? Taboo is a ridiculous concept. Why? Because it’s really just based on ignorance and the wish “not to know”. It is a ridiculous fear that questions the safety and the pseudo state of happiness of the middle classes, thereby “saving them” from the evils of the unknown. PURE bullshit. PURE hypocrisy.
Unfortunately though, it is precisely these taboos that have killed more people in History than any natural event.

Other than the compotes, the preserves and the conserves …does anyone really care?

So just make our damn lives easier will you, Supreme my ass Judges? Legalize the entire thing and enjoy your GOLF playing and get out of our lives!’

Gerald Thomas


PS: Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is regarded as the potential swing vote on this issue, raised the question of whether the court should even be hearing the case. He said the court may be entering “uncharted waters” by deciding on who has the right to marry, and wondered aloud why the justices had agreed to hear the case.

“I wonder if this case was properly granted,” he said.

Other justices also pressed questions that appeared to reflect scepticism about whether the supreme court should have taken up Proposition 8.

This is only the beginning ! Just imagine!

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