Iraq – 10 years after – a waterfall of tears.

a rusting wall to nowhere

a rusting wall to nowhere

Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later and a paradox that makes me cry.

On September 1, 2002, Chris Matthews wrote, “I hate this war that’s coming in Iraq. I don’t think we’ll be proud of it. Oppose this war because it will create a millennium of hatred and the suicidal terrorism that comes with it. You talk about Bush trying to avenge his father. What about the tens of millions of Arab sons who will want to finish a fight we start next spring in Baghdad?” And after the administration began citing a New York Times story (based on information leaked by the administration) that reported Saddam had obtained aluminum tubes to be used to process bomb-grade uranium, the Washington Post published a well-reported article noting that the government’s own experts had questioned this conclusion.
The war was no self-financing cakewalk, and it is now widely regarded as a mistake, costly in blood and treasure, that was sold to the American public with falsehoods. The invasion did not usher in a progressive era in the Middle East. (Suck on that, Mr. Friedman.) Iraq remains a mess. The Iraq War boosters have moved on to other enterprises and contentions, yet, 10 years later, they have had their assertions measured against reality, and they have been proven wrong and misguided. None of that, though, will bring back the Americans and Iraqis who lost their lives. For when it counted most, the spin worked.

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On this day – 10 years after the fact – (and with Breaking News that Syria has just started a bacteriological warfare within its own territory and with Obama flying to neighboring Israel and Jordan), I’m looking at an old poster of Picasso’s GUERNICA on the my wall next to a picture of Hendrix playing at Woodstock. A Waterfall of tears. Just tears.

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No, I guess not.

Gerald Thomas
March 19, 2013


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