NRA Idiocy and how we could stop them! And the face of the new Hitler.





Cover of my 2nd book - the Staging of the SELFCover of my 2nd book – the Staging of the SELF

NRA- I’ve been watching, living and dying in horror, disbelief, rancor, anger and rage, at what’s been taking place across the country recently. Well, not only so recently.

This morning, two short weeks after the worst mass massacre of children in history, in Newtown, Connecticut, we’ve heard that two volunteer firefighters were ambushed and killed by yet another maniac. It just doesn’t seem to matter anymore where it is or where you are, be it Oregon or Connecticut, Colorado, Virginia Tech, Columbine, or inside Rush Limbaugh’s brain or Trump’s hairdo …. It doesn’t seem to matter.

For those of us who live in huge cities like New York, Rio, London, Mexico City or Hong Kong, the idea of ‘getting used to’a ‘terror attack’ and the occasional mugging has become a sort of  weird norm.

And, of course we’ve always read and hear of these loonies who take out riffles and go on shooting rampages and these crazy cults like the one in Wako, Texas or the Manson Family or the Uni-bomber or “Jim Joneses” or Tim McVey and others, fueled by ego + hatred as taking place in remote areas and far away places. Well..

But this is very different. The weapons have changed. These are the ones that George W Bush insisted on calling WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRUCTION  and which is why we invaded Iraq for nothing. I mean, for Oil and … Let’s not digress.

These COWARDS from the NRA keep on citing the 2nd Amendment. Well, when this was written, those who wrote it has none of the bushmasters (what an appropriate name for a weapon), or any other semi-automatic weapon in mind.

The sick mind of this Wayne La Pierre claims that our schools should become BUNKERS! Now, can you just imagine? Schools, movie theaters, theaters,shopping malls, public squares, parks, hospitals, ALL our nation, all turning into a HUGE BUNKERS?

This craze will only STOP when the following action  takes place and that is: (……….)

(my lawyer has advised me not to publish the rest of the article or else, I myself could become dead meat)

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