Dark Energy, dark matter, anti matter, anti what…

I decided to take a break from a lecture by Deepak Chopra at Friend’s House on Euston Road because it was all too familiar. Yes, trillions and trillions of a billion of a light stroke and the bending of matter by antimatter and 73 trillions of a fraction of this and that….Yes, of course. Back to the blackboard, let’s solve the problem.

I went for a croissant and an espresso at Tavistock Square instead the very moment Chopra started to badmouth Stephen Hawking. I wonder why a man like this, with a packed house of a thousand, has to go on the offensive, 15 minutes into a speech (supposed to last 5 hours!)

Well, I guess I understand him well. I’m not too far from that mindset myself. I’m being attacked by former friends and (I guess) I’m attacking as well. Why, exactly? Because, I suppose, everyone is living on the “Edge of Time” (a book I really enjoyed, decades ago) and going through the gloom of envy (a war or sorts with their own selves, their own self images, gains, losses, failures and successes and minute glimpses of lights.) And entropic events ain’t helping our moods.

I’d really been on a flow of revisiting the likes of Freeman Dyson (the utter genius who looks like the characters in all the alien movies), Rupert Sheldrake, Stephen Toulmin and Steven Jay Gould and Oliver Sachs (who had all been part of a series on PBS in the nineties – filmed by a Dutch guy – forget who…), so Chopra was booooring now. At least now, at this moment.

I paused in front of Ghandi’s statue for a long while. This is precisely the place which, back in 2005, had been the equivalent of what we in New York regarded as our worst moment – the 9/11 attacks. Amongst the many tube station attacks here, like Kings Cross and Aldgate Stations, the double decker bus, exploded right in front of Ghandi’s statue.

Ironic? Not really. Not in the world of Quantum Physics or mediums or “quantum politics” or role reversal where – as in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius (or Polonium) can be discharged on you. Yes, your best friends can become ballistic because you actually – prevented them from reaching rock bottom or this ultra dark energy or dark matter by always applying a small light stroke or just a stroke or a caress and that…Well, looking in retrospect that is entirely wrong. Nature is a beast. Yes, it is a badmouthing motherfucking dart throwing, backstabbing, envy driven engine that only stops when power stops and power stops when a hurricane comes along and switches the CON, off, the ConEdison off, that little / huge power plant one takes for granted, because when the big bang – STOP voices STOP – I’m light years ahead.
Gerald Thomas



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