Complaining about superstorm Sandy? Have you ever been to a WAR?

my painting circa 2001

my painting circa 2001

Some things never cease to amaze me! People complain and complain and…well, complain. These are futile people who have really never had to endure HARDSHIP of any kind, no wars, no cultural ambushes, no famishe, no real starvation or political and / or religious persecution. So, when the slightest LITTLE (and uncomfortable) thing happens, such as, for instance, a power outage or difficulty in getting a warm meal, running water and so on, my recommendation to them is: GO and EXPERIENCE WAR. Go and be a volunteer.

They have no IDEA what it’s really like to have to hide (sometimes for days) in the filthy and rat infested London underground (subway) system, or stand in a queue (line) in FREEZING conditions for, 6, 14 hours to walk away with (sometimes) 2 slices of bread and a tiny piece of a more than dead sardine. These cry babies who complain now, after “superstorm’ Sandy have NOT experienced what it’s like to be in a real WAR, the devastation, the real loss of an entire quarter of a city, of ones house and part of ones family, friends buried under rubble and the continued attack by overhead (nazi) bombs. Maybe this would be a good experience for these princesses used to the good life and the eternal complaint.

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