Philip Glass, Allen Ginsberg, MoMA and I: an almost full cycle of love, collaboration and

What an evening filled with memories! Sad, yet, great warm memories. Saw (heard) Philip (Glass) play 3 numbers of “Metamorphosis”, composed in the late 1980s for my “Kafka Trilogy” (he said “I knew you were out there and I threw an extra one in for you!”)

Although one couldn’t see him, because he was hidden by circular layers of scrim material or gauze, Philip was heard loud and clear. Beautiful acoustics and magnificent playing. I guess that MoMa (the Museum of Modern Art) can move art to “elevated” areas of our minds. The installation was created by Carlito Carvalhosa, a Brazilian conceptual installation artist of the highest order.

I almost burst into tears when I heard the voice of Allen Ginsberg (who filmed Julian Beck’s burial: what a 360 degree turn in life!!! The Ginsberg I met during that time when I was directing Julian Beck in Beckett’s “That Time”, (and died during the run of the production).

It was precisely during that production that Philip and I met for the 1st time), and I saw Ana Ciça, said hello to Stokes (the wonderful Stokes Howell) and Phil at the end. I said to Phil: “you always manage NOT to be in NYC during 9/11.” In fact, he’s almost always in Brazil. He leaves for Olinda (Pernambuco?) today.

Ran out like a madman because I had to be on live TV (Record, Brazil) 10 minutes of a very interesting interview (10 minutes is an eternity, given it’s a  a nightly news situation.) Apparently, SBT also aired a previously recorded piece done here at home.

A wonderfully sad round circle: from 23rd Street to 53rd and back to 23rd Street where the studios are. Said some things I had never said before. Came to conclusions I had not come to before about it all, from the cradle to the grave.

Once I get the links, I’ll post them on this blog . All in all, what remains is a soft and warm feeling of humanness. And that is the wonderful reward of seeing life go by whilst keeping long, long friendships. I mean, collaborations, friends and good work. Moving forward, yet  being able to look onto and into the past with a little bit of melancholia, gratitude and eternal love.

Gerald Thomas

September 8, 2011 and counting (down)


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