Email from a viewer re: Throats

Dear Gerald Thomas,
Just a quick thank you for your masterful production of “Throats” which I saw last night at the Pleasance in London. It is a truly memorable piece. I will follow you like I followed Robert Wilson after seeing “Le Regard du Sourd”, or plays by Fernando Arrabal, or Thomas Bernhardt… You’re a theatrical genius… Magical!
I’ve seen some truly disappointing theatre in London recently, most particularly a shockingly mediocre opera/ballet called “Shoes” which was hailed by Time Out as its “Pick of the Week”. As a consequence, when I read their idiotic diatribe against you I immediately booked to see your production. The moral of this story is that a condemnation by a rotten critic can be as rewarding as praise from the great. So let’s give a toast to Matt Trueman!
Robert Silman

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