Life under terror threats.

World Trade Center reconstructed with a pile of books

World Trade Center reconstructed with a pile of books

US issues terrorism alert and warns….

And I ask: what exactly are we to do????  Lift women’s skirts and untie head scarves to see what’s under them? “Hair..sir, just my hair!”

The State Department issued an alert on Sunday urging Americans traveling to Europe to be vigilant about possible terrorist attacks in a statement that specifically cites the potential involvement of Al Qaeda.

Vigilant? What does it mean to be vigilant? Should we walk around in complete paranoia and use our snouts to “discover” hidden bombs in (where? Where? Please tell us where to look!)

A travel alert urges extra caution during a specific time and does not discourage Americans from visiting Europe.

The above phrase doesn’t mean anything. Let’s read it again (all together now): A travel alert urges extra caution (WHAT IS EXTRA CAUTION? WHAT DOES IT MEAN???? Can we leave our houses / apartments? Should we hide under our ovens????)

during a specific time (WHAT SPECIFIC TIME IS “specific time”? PLEASE TELL ME. IS IT AT NIGHT?DURING THE AFERNOON?  Mornings? The State Dept says “specific time” without specifying WHAT time or THAT TIME – were the ruins still there when you played as a child – “and does not discourage Americans from visiting Europe.”

Well, in that case, let’s all board the Challenger.

An American official who confirmed the warning on Saturday, who did not want to be identified  (don’t blame him), speaking about internal government deliberations, said a stronger “travel warning” that might advise Americans not to visit Europe was not under consideration.

Ah…so we are stuck.

“Current information suggests that Al Qaida and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks.  European governments have taken action to guard against a terrorist attack,” according to the statement.

“U.S. citizens are reminded of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist infrastructure,” the State Department said. “Terrorists have targeted and attacked subway (in the UK: the Underground or tube) and rail systems, as well as aviation and maritime services.”

Take your bikes out and drive around freely because all the shit’s going to explode under our feet. Is that it?

God save us from these insane fanatics.


PS: “We have noted the vigilance recommendations announced by the United States for Americans traveling in Europe, which are in line with the general recommendations we ourselves make to the French population,” said a spokesman for the French foreign ministry, Bernard Valero, in a statement. The Eiffel Tower and some Paris train stations have been briefly evacuated in recent days in response to threats.

By all means, please protect the Eiffel Tower. What a relief!

I just imagine a few extremists with a lot of time on their hands, thinking “let’s issue another threat” and the entire Western World twirls into complete chaos. And the media LOVES it.  WW2 survivors and the Brits in general (who were hit severely by the IRA for decades), listen and read to all of this and laugh: again. Sure!


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