Wake Up Japan: “Them Crooked Vultures” Play Tonight + Daniel Schorr and Cissa Guimarães

the thin line between life and death

Daniel Schorr, a reporter and commentator who over 60 years grew from a feisty young gun to a well-respected and often-skeptical elder statesman of television and radio, died yesterday. He was 93 and until early this month was still offering regular commentaries on National Public Radio. Why do I mention Schorr? Because he’s one of my heroes. Yes, I have many and they come in all sorts and varieties.

Schorr – past the CBS days and already on CNN –  was an impassioned defender of free speech even when he abhorred its content. He once publicly denounced his boss Ted Turner’s call for a ban on violent movies, and he became unlikely friends with fellow First Amendment activist and founder member of The Mothers of Invention, Frank Zappa.

Schorr was also a frequent critic of what is now often called “the mainstream media,” resigning from CBS in 1976 because he felt the network was too timid when he came under fire for leaking the contents of a Congressional report on illegal FBI and CIA  activities.

Schorr’s biggest achievement in over 60 years  of broadcasting  was, undoubtedly, a well deserved   spot on the late President Richard Nixon‘s “enemies list.”

Ted Turner defended Mr. Schorr when Senator Barry Goldwater, the conservative Arizona Republican, wanted him fired. Goldwater had held a grudge since 1964, when Mr. Schorr, while at CBS, reported on the enthusiasm of right-wing Germans for Goldwater as he secured the presidential nomination that year. Mr. Schorr noted that a planned postconvention Goldwater trip mainly involved time at an American military recreation center in Berchtesgaden, site of a favorite Hitler retreat. Both Schorr and Goldwater spoke or understood German.

William Schneider (whose face I haven’t seen in quite a while) is of the same extraction. So is Jeff Greenfield (is that his name? and Ted Koppel)

Cissa Guimarães:

Não tenho o que te dizer. E nem sei como te dizer o que sinto.  Não existe explicação pra tamanha brutalidade. MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU, Cissa.





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