Kazuo Ohno dead + Tighter security at airports? All lies. All TRUE damn lies!

They told us – again and again – that, after the so called Xmas bomber, new scanning machines would be bought and put in place at Heathrow, Gatwick, JFK and so on. NOT TRUE! All a bunch of hype without foundation whatsoever.

Same old machines. Shoes don’t have to come off at Heathrow. Machine has been there since my grandmother was born. Or even before that.

I never believed in the Christmas Bomber anyway. Strange thing about the Times Square (to be) van suicide bomber. Terrorism comes cheap these days. Cheaper than to install those full body scans they so much talked about.

Careful and suspicious regarding the media. All media. All.

Gerald Thomas

About Kazuo Ono’s death: 103 years old. Imagine what he saw. Imagine what he didn’t see (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc)

O Butoh de Ohno era a  dança que transcendia a morte, assim como em Tristão e Isolda de  Wagner, o amor transcende a morte. Kazuo era o próprio “Liebestod”. Meio vivo-morto  em cena, tínhamos a impressão de que ele vinha carregado de “entidades”.

Meaning:  the Butoh adopted by Ohno transcended death, just as in Wagner’s Tristan Und Isolde, love transcends death.. Kazuo Ohno was Liebestod himself. Half alive, half dead, half man and half woman, by watching him on stage one was taken over by “entities” (more in Folha de Sao Paulo this Friday)

To view some of Ohno’s work please go to: http://www.blog-filho.blogspot.com/

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