Sunday update: log book: Blog book:Man Overboard: lecturing people on how to jump ship!

offshore drilling near La Coruña, Spain

I wish I could describe to all of you what enduring this ‘thing’ on the Queen Victoria has been. And this is only the second day!!!!!


MAN OVERBOARD  (we’re told by the fire drill official) to scream if we see someone jump ship of fall into the sea.

I promise you all that I’ll do it in the middle of the night when the waves are high and the surrounding (flat) planet is in complete darkness.

It’s quite incredible that a ship of this size and importance, such as the Queen Victoria, is such a wasteland of plastic imitations of what used to be this Cunard Line of vessels.

Second day and I’m almost jumping ship: yes, “man overboard”. Or overly bored. Quite silly, really, considering that the average age of people here is 100 (or above) dribbling and sleeping over their alcoholic drinks.

Smoke wasted on 100 year old DEAD people

This is a  shopping mall floating along the coast of Spain now, about to turn the corner at La Coruña. High waves and stabilizers almost not working. Swimming pools are fresh water. Silly. Should have one where you could enjoy fresh oil spills and squids and so on…

None of that. Just an elevator going up 10 stories and NO INTERNET IN THE room as promised.

Oh yes, the theater is lovely; looks just like the Metropolitan Opera House.

Food? Amazing. Had the most amazing sole (not Dover) but a real  shoe sole for breakfast in the form of what they call  a “toast”. As for the coffee…well……Need I go further? YES! I want to be able to see LAND!!!

Thanks Captain.



Sunday: on Tuesday we arrive in Barcelona for…..half  a day. Fish are jumping. Shrimp are shrimping and waves are waving. No, they’re not. Waves are waves are waves and (can you tell?) are waves….

Dress Code on the “Queen Victoria”: daily requirement.


Formal dress: Tuxedo, dinner jacket or formal dark suit with tie for the gentlemen, Evening dress or other evening attire for the ladies. Please note that the “Formal Dress” code applies from 6:00pm this evening. Out of respect for your fellow guests, the dress code enforced. The Lido restaurant provides an alternative for those guests who prefer a more relaxed evening attire.”

PS: RELAXED????? How can I relax with some of the aberrations I’ve seen? This is absolutely amazing: a sunny day outside and people are going to be getting into their tuxes and long long tacky dresses in order to…….eat!

Fancy that!



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