E-Jakull: Bjorg’s revenge

Eyjafjallajokull, that unpronounceable volcano “Jokull” or “E-jakull” (for E-bay shoppers running to buy some radioactive orgasmic ash), prompted inevitable chatter about nature’s awesome fury and the inadequacy of human invention to deal with it. We have become weaklings and that’s a given.  Our major problem is fear itself, I remember hearing some president say, once upon a time.


This picture, of Luiz Damasceno in Nowhere Man must represent something in this article. But what? Is hethe Nowhere Man (my play, 1996) or is he playing me, after the Topamax withdrawal? Had I predicted the entire episode? Or is a victim of the Icelandic ash?

On the whole, Europeans tend to forget about Iceland altogether until some fresh calamity compels their attention, be it financial- the banking implosion – or a furious volcano explosion, spitting and ejaculating over us all: oh E-Kajull !!! Seriously now.

Europe after the Rain” is a painting by Max Ernst I grew up with. Of course, it’s Ernst’s metaphor for a Europe after a War. A huge war. We have become weaklings and that’s a given.

We have dealt with the worst of ourselves and will never come to terms with our own fury about the “existence of the other”. Wars, invasions, exvasions, brutal murders and The Son of Hamas (a double agent for the Israelis and Hamas), are trivia not so trivial.


For those who have taken it, you know.

For those who’ve never taken it: Christ! It’s so damn hard to try and lead a life after a 300mg bombardment of this “mood stabilizer”. Coming out of it is more difficult than having to deal with the over testoronized E-Kajull.

An open forum about psychiatric drugs sounds like a terrible web nightmare. With strong moderation, a supportive atmosphere, and even an over-use monitor, however, the Psycho-drugs seem to be a temporary relief. In Portuguese a psycho-drug is termed “psicotropicos”.

Yes, the Tropical nightmare of Tristes Tropiques, by Claude Levi Strauss.

Max Ernst and Claude Levi Strauss would have made a lovely couple.

Mosab Hassan Yousef (the Son of Hamas, codenamed “the Green Prince” by his handlers), was one of the Shin Bet security service’s most valuable sources. What are our valuable sources?

Where’s your head, Agent Kujan? Where do you think the pressure’s coming from? Keyser Soze – or whatever you want to call him – he knows where I am right now. He’s got the front burner under your ass to let me go so he can scoop me up ten minutes later. Immunity was just a deal with you assholes. I got a whole new problem when I post bail.

Strange thoughts, right?

Yes, strange thoughts for a Sunday.

Gerald Thomas

April 25, 2010, lost in space and in my mind,  somewhere between London and NY.

PS: I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE. What can’t I stand? EVERYTHING and more than Everything. Bye. I’m going for a wilder side of life!

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